5 Advantages Of Having Air Conditioning In Your Office

Air conditioning has many advantages and installations have become increasingly popular in office environments throughout the UK. This is particularly true in cities like London, where temperatures frequently reach 30 degrees in summer months. High levels of noise pollution often mean that it is not possible to open windows in many office spaces. The climate in an office environment can have a direct impact on the productivity and well-being of staff. Providing a comfortable climate all year around will benefit you, as well as your employees, and can make a noticeable difference in productivity. It is therefore essential to consider the benefits of installing an air conditioning system in your office space.


A hot and stuffy office can cause tempers to fray and productivity levels to drop. One of the main benefits of air conditioning is that it allows for a cool and comfortable work environment. This will not only keep your employees happy but benefit concentration levels. In addition, modern A/C systems produce very little noise and are rarely noticed in an office environment.

Energy Efficiency

The latest air conditioning systems are more energy efficient than ever before. Advances in inverter technology compressors have optimised modern A/C units for low power consumption. As a result, you can enjoy low utility costs and help reduce your carbon footprint.

Air Quality

A YouGov survey commissioned by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA), notes that around 70% of office workers complain about poor air quality. Those surveyed believe that is has a negative effect on their daily productivity and well-being. The filtering system in an A/C unit can help to purify the air by reducing the number of bacteria, odour, dust, and potential allergen particles in your office space.


Humidity levels can be kept in check with an air conditioning system. Controlling the humidity in your office space will protect your electronic equipment, prevent damage to the interior of the building and promote a healthy working environment for employees.

Equipment Protection

In most modern offices, we rely on electronic equipment for the day-to-day running of a business. Keeping a temperature-controlled environment will protect your equipment and ensure that it functions at maximum capacity. It will also reduce the risk of potential damages caused by overheating.

At ACS Installations, we offer a wide range of air conditioning solutions, suitable for a wide range of office spaces. This includes restricted and listed buildings. Our water-cooled air conditioning systems are the perfect solution for offices where external condensers are not suitable. This also eliminates the need for planning permission.

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