london cityscape featuring the shard

5 Of London’s Most Impressive Buildings

Here at ACS we’re lucky enough to provide air conditioning throughout the year for many companies and individuals in our beautiful capital city. Working in London can have its benefits, and one of these is the sheer amount of impressive buildings we’re surrounded by. With so many to choose from, it’s been tough but we’ve somehow managed to pick our top five favourites of London’s most impressive buildings.

liberty department store in regent street london

The Liberty Building

Liberty is a central London department store like no other. Built in 1920, its trademark black and white beam-effect exterior makes it stand out as a quirky landmark for Regent Street. It plays host to a huge selection of different brands and encourages new and upcoming entrepreneurs to pitch their products.

tatw modern building in london

Tate Modern

This impressive building of modern art started its life as Bankside Power Station shortly after World War Two. They did not demolish the power station, instead a competition was held to find an architect to redevelop the structure. In January 2000 it was finally complete as the Tate Modern. It now stands beside the River Thames with its striking central column and industrial presence.

london cityscape featuring the shard

The Shard

You can’t talk about London’s most impressive buildings without including The Shard. Towering above the capital since it’s completion in 2012, it’s the EU’s tallest building, and is hard to miss. We won’t personally be rushing to visit the observatory deck at the top anytime soon, but if you’re brave enough the view should be spectacular.

st pancras station building

St Pancras Station

St Pancras has the nickname the ‘cathedral of railways,’ and it’s not hard to see why. The Grade 1 listed building is a beautiful example of Victorian architecture. It features red brick arches and an intricate clock tower. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you probably won’t be able to look up at the clock tower without imagining a blue Ford Anglia flying past.

london aquatics centre building

The London Aquatics Centre

The impressive Aquatic Centre was a vital venue for the Olympic Games back in 2012. The huge roof is in the shape of a wave. The spectator stands from the Olympics have been replaced with glass windows at each side of the building. Through the glass you can see breath taking views of the city. Its home to a 50 m competition pool, a 25 m diving pool and another 50 m pool hidden underground for warming up. You may also catch sight of Olympian Tom Daley, who is said to train there frequently.

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