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The Best Air Conditioning Solution for Listed Buildings

It’s fair to say that London has its fair share of stunning, historic buildings that never fail to take our breath away. With so many architectural wonders, it’s hardly surprising that there is an abundance of Grade II listed properties in and around the capital. But, are there air conditioning options for listed buildings?

Modernising a Grade II listed Building

When a property becomes listed, it takes on a set of regulations in terms of what can and can’t be done to the property. This is particularly when it comes to external modernisations. To undertake work, you usually need to apply for planning permission. This can often mean that installing air conditioning in a listed building is something of a challenge. With many Grade II listed buildings being very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter, this can cause distress and discomfort all year round.

If you live or work in a listed building, don’t worry! There are still ways in which you can install an air con system and keep your living or working environment at the optimum temperature.

Air Conditioning Options For Grade II listed Buildings

Can you install air conditioning in your listed property? Yes you can! Internal water cooled air conditioning is the only alternative that is suitable for restricted properties such as listed buildings.

What are water cooled AC units?

Water cooled units are designed for properties owners who are limited by planning restrictions. If you cannot install an external condenser, this is the perfect solutions for you! Featuring an internal condenser unit, you can install an air conditioner without altering the external walls of your property.

How do they work?

This type of air conditioning system involves keeping the internal integrated water cooling technology, where it can be contained within the room and plumbed into the water supply. In addition, engineers can conceal the unit’s condenser box out of view in a store cupboard, under a sink or wherever is most practical within your home.

The Benefits of Water Cooled Internal Condensers

There are several benefits to installing a water cooled system in your residential or commercial property, some of the main benefits are:

  • Low noise output
  • No external unit
  • No planning permission required
  • Compact and concealed condenser
  • New environmentally conscious R32 refrigerant gas
  • Energy efficient units

We can help

Are you looking to install water cooled AC in your listed property? Armed with over 30 years experience, we are true experts in the industry. Our dedicated team of engineers are available for free quotes and site surveys so don’t hesitate to get in touch today!


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