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Air Conditioning for flats and apartments

With house prices rising and space at premium, it’s perhaps not surprising that more and more people in London are choosing to live in flats and apartments, rather than traditional homes.

Living in a flat or apartment within the Capital brings a whole host of advantages – from enhanced security and lower costs, through to extra amenities and a prime location.

However, opting to live in a London flat or apartment is not without its challenges!

One such barrier that many residents face is finding a suitable air conditioning system – after all, there’s nothing worse than coming home after a long, hard day at the office, only to be greeted by a hot, stuffy apartment, right?

But why can’t residents just install a conventional air con system in their flat or apartment?

Many apartments are often restricted when it comes to the type of air conditioning units they can install. One of the main reasons for this is that apartments within London, or in any city centre for that matter, are not permitted to install an external condensing unit. And this is a key component of the majority of conventional air conditioning systems.

So how can I keep my apartment cool?

The good news is that, if you aren’t able to install a traditional air con system in your flat or apartment, you won’t have to suffer the stifling summer heat! There are a number of alternative air conditioning solutions that will ensure you stay cool, calm, and totally collected all year round.

A self-contained, water-cooled internal condenser system offers the perfect solution. With no external condenser, this type of set up doesn’t require planning permission, meaning it can be installed in listed properties as well as those with minimal space.

Alternatively, a through the wall air conditioning system can be installed on an external wall, without the need for an outside box or condenser.

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