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Air Conditioning For Listed Buildings On The Rise

Renovating a listed building can seem daunting, but when you work with the right professionals, it can be an enjoyable experience with huge payoff. With new air conditioning technology, installations for listed buildings are on the rise in London and surrounding areas.

With a listed building, both the structure and the internal features are protected. This means any changes need listed building consent and often planning consent too. It’s these regulations that have protected the historic character and romanticism of these building throughout changing trends.

When it comes to making your space practical and comfortable for either commercial or residential use, planning permission can feel like a barrier and many people automatically think they can’t install air conditioning.

To an extent, that assumption is correct as you need permission for modifications for things such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

The good news you can install air conditioning in listed buildings. More and more people are realising you don’t need to live or work in a humid building that lacks temperature control.

Here at ACS, we install water cooled air conditioning in listed buildings, which requires no planning permission. Its popularity is on the rise and we always receive such great feedback from our clients in listed buildings. Take a look at one example of an air con installation we carried out in Spitalfields London>>

So why is this type air conditioning ideal for listed buildings?

  • Water cooled air conditioning don’t require the use of an external unit; you can contain everything within the property.
  • Rather than being installed externally, the external unit is positioned within the property and extracts heat from the room using mains water. This makes them perfect for listed buildings, offices, and apartments, removing the need for planning permission.
  • You also don’t have to worry about unsightly additions to your décor. You can install the internal condenser in a concealed space, out of view. This means that you can enjoy a cool, comfortable space without compromising the historic charm of your property.
  • These units also have a low noise output.

To find out more about air conditioning for listed buildings, contact us today>>

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