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What Air Conditioning Can I Install In My London Property?

You’ve had enough of the heat and want to install air conditioning in your London property. Now you’re left with the question, what air conditioning can I install in London? Firstly, the air conditioning that you can install will depend on the property type, the size of the area you want to cool and your preference in style or design. Secondly, you can install a traditional air conditioning system or an internal water cooled air conditioner. The one most suitable for your property will depend on whether your property is subject to planning restrictions.

Residential Properties

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wall mounted units

Wall mounted air conditioning are very popular for home installations in London. Firstly, they offer great flexibility in terms of colour, style and positioning. There are a wide range of units available in different colours, making them easy to style to match you interior décor. They are also a cost effective solution. This type of unit is quick and easy to retrofit with minimal disturbance caused. A single unit will accommodate an average room. If you’re looking to cool your entire property, you can add a unit in each room. Additionally, you will benefit from regulating the temperature of each room individually.

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ducted units

Ducted air conditioning is more discreet than wall mounted units. Engineers install these in a false or suspended ceiling. If you don’t have a suspended ceiling, we recommend that you opt for a wall mounted unit. Although this type of unit is more expensive to install, they are popular for being visually appealing and concealed.

Commercial Properties

There are a wide range of air conditioning options for commercial properties. The option most suitable for your property will depend on it’s size and use. For example, a small restaurant kitchen may have a higher cooling requirement than a small office due to the excess heat produced by kitchen equipment.

wall mounted air conditioner in cafe restaurant

Wall mounted Units

Wall units are great for smaller commercial spaces. They are cheap and versatile so it’s ideal for businesses on a smaller budget. A single unit can cool an average sized room but can accommodate a larger space with multiple units. Your dedicated engineer will design your system with you to ensure the room has balanced cooling distribution.

ducted air conditioning in cafe restaurant

Ducted Units

If visual aesthetic is an important aspect for your business, ducted air conditioning is the ideal solutions for you. This type of unit is designed to be almost entirely concealed. The only visible element being the vent grilles. These are completely customisable in terms of shape and colour. Your installation engineer will go over suitable options for you.

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Ceiling Cassette Units

Ceiling cassette air conditioning is a popular choice for commercial installations. Similar to ducted systems, they are designed to be discreet and blend into the ceiling space. Featuring four way air flow, this type of unit is ideal for rooms that have multiple areas that need cooling. These units are ideal for larger commercial spaces and are popular in offices, restaurants and retail shops.

Restricted Residential & Commercial Properties

Do I need planning permission to install air conditioning?

If you want to install air conditioning in your apartment, flat or Grade II listed building in London, chances are that you need to apply for planning permission. You usually have to apply for full planning permission if you are going to fix the condenser to an external wall. This can be a lengthy process.

How long does it take to apply for Planning permission?

Planning permission for an air conditioner can take anywhere from eight+ weeks for your local authority to process. So it is important to keep this in mind and plan far ahead of the summer months.

What happens if I can’t get planning permission for an air conditioner?

Don’t worry, there is an alternative option! Water cooled air conditioning offers the ideal solution. These units require no external condenser. As a result, you do not need to apply for permission as engineers install the entire system inside the property.

Water Cooled Air Conditioning

water cooled air conditioner in cafe restaurant

What is water cooled air conditioning and how does it work?

Water cooled AC is an alternative to traditional air conditioners. The main difference is they are plumbed into your mains water supply and rely on water instead of air to cool. This means that the condenser is installed internally as opposed to fixed to an external wall. As a result, you can install this type of unit in restricted properties such as apartments, Grade II listed buildings and commercial properties with no outside access.

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