Air Conditioning Installation – Beckenham, Kent

Euan from Beckenham in Kent, contacted us to discuss replacing an existing air conditioning system in his flat. The previous installation was complex. Euan therefore needed our expertise to simplify the solution. In addition, he wanted us to ensure the air conditioning installation project ran smoothly, with minimum disruption to the property.

After a survey, it was clear that we needed to source some additional help to remove the existing units. With the help of an interior decorator, we were able to install the new air conditioning unit with minimal disruption to the property. We supplied and installed a Daikin Mini VRF and 4 associated fan coils. This system provides cooling, de-humidification when cooling, dust filtration, air circulation and heating.

Air Conditioning Feedback from Euan in Beckenham, Kent

“The way that the developer boxed in the existing units, made this replacement installation more complex. The decorator selected by ACS (a regular) did an excellent job to widen the gaps with a minimum of mess and disruption and subsequent clearing up! Then the ACS installers moved in and did a fabulous job. You rarely encounter such a thorough, knowledgeable and conscientious worker as the lead installer and it’s gratifying to see the way he is installing the same qualities in his younger trainee assistant. Once again everything cleared up as they went along. Finally, after commissioning, the job was handed back to the decorator who closed up and repainted extremely well. I thoroughly recommend ACS for your AC installation and subsequent servicing.”

Euan, ACS Customer

If you would like to find out more about our air conditioning solutions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team of friendly experts are happy to discuss your requirements with you.

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