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Apartments and flats are popular in London and other areas where space is limited and comes at a premium cost. With the growing number of apartment blocks in London, it is no surprise that a growing proportion of our clients are looking for air conditioning for their apartments. After all, the last thing you want is to return home after a long day at work to a hot and stuffy apartment right?

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Water Cooled Air Conditioning without outside box

Many apartments in central London, won’t allow you to install an external condensing unit. Water cooled air conditioning units offer the perfect solution as the internal condensing unit can be hidden in a cupboard or under a kitchen sink. You can install them in flats, listed buildings and properties with limited space. No planning permission is required. 

This type of air conditioning system also offers low noise output, so you can enjoy the cool air in peace and quiet!

Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Unit

Wall mounted air conditioning units are a great option for London apartments as they don’t require an outside box or condenser. 

Easy to install and quiet when in use, wall mounted air conditioning units are suitable to install in any room. They are most commonly installed in bedrooms, livings spaces, home offices and kitchens. If you are looking to cool multiple rooms, you can opt for a multi split system that can accommodate multiple units. 

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No external unit

Ducted Air Conditioning Unit

Ducted air conditioning is a more discreet solution for apartments and flats. This type of unit is usually installed in a suspended ceiling. Unlike wall units, ducted air conditioners are designed to be almost completely concealed. The only visible elements are small grilles. These come in different shapes and sizes. Our team of F-Gas engineers can advise you on the most suitable option for your property.

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Guaranteed Quality

We have accreditations from F-Gas and more so you are in safe hands.

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We are the pioneers of water cooled air conditioning units in the country.

Energy Efficient Units

Our units are optimised to function at maximum efficiency.

Condenser Hidden

We tailor our installations based on your specific requirements.

Low Noise & Wi-Fi Control

Whisper quiet operation and Wi-Fi enabled air conditioning.

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Our London based help desk engineers can assist you when you need us.

pioneers of water Cooled air conditioning in the uK

Since starting in 2002, ACS Installations has offered the best air conditioning products to London and UK based clients.

We aim to understand your needs so we can provide you with the right solution. If you are looking for a water based air conditioner, we should be your first choice. 

We have installed hundreds of air conditioner units without an external unit all over London and the Home Counties.

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Our water cooled air conditioning units


  • Reduced Water Consumption
  • Class A+++/A++
  • Gas R32
  • Maximum Silence
  • Full DC Inverter + H2O Inverter
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£4,695 + VAT per room

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of your questions about water based air conditioning answered.

Yes. Water based air conditioners do not require an outside condenser and are the only AC solution for Grade II listed buildings and restricted properties where an outside unit is not permitted.

Your new AC system can be installed in as little as 1-2 days.

The electrical power consumption of an average size AC system will be little more than a domestic fridge. The cost of the water consumption element depends on how and what you pay for your water, and indeed the usage characteristics of the user. Water consumption rates vary on unit size and our specialists can advise you according to your requirements.

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