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No Air Conditioning Allowed In Your London Flat? We Can Help!

It is not uncommon to find that you cannot install traditional air conditioners in buildings around cities such as London. This is due to building restrictions that prohibit external condensers. Without proper air conditioning, it can be difficult to cool your London flat during the summer months. The good news is that we have the ultimate solution.

Air Conditioning Solutions For My London Flat

Water Cooled Air Conditioning

If your flat or apartment has property restrictions that prevent you from installing a traditional air conditioner, you can install water cooled air conditioning. This type of air conditioner is the only alternative to traditional air conditioners. They are perfect for overcoming property restrictions as they do not require an external condenser unit. You can read more about which water-cooled solution is right for your property, here.

How Does Water-Cooled Air Conditioning Work?

The primary difference between traditional air conditioners and water-cooled systems is that they rely on water instead of air to cool the room. Water-cooled air conditioners are plumbed into your mains water supply and uses it in a controlled manner to provide cool air.

Where Can I Install A Water-Cooled Air Conditioner?

Water-cooled air conditioners are very versatile. They are an ideal solution for both commercial and residential purposes. You can install these units in apartments, flats, and Grade II listed buildings without planning permission.

Like traditional air conditioners, water-cooled systems contain two main components. With traditional systems, it is typical to install the condenser on an external wall. Water-cooled condenser units, on the other hand, are contained within the property. Engineers hide the condenser unit in a concealed space such as a cupboard or kitchen sink for your convenience.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Water-Cooled Air Conditioning?

Water-cooled air conditioners are more expensive to install than traditional systems. At ACS Installations, we keep our prices highly competitive for both installation and maintenance services. Our single 2.8kw wall-mounted units cost around £4,694.15 + VAT to install. Ducted units are slightly more expensive starting at £5,218.52 + VAT for a 2.8kw unit.

Our Water Cooled Internal Air Conditioning Units

Our water cooled air conditioning units are the best on the market. We source our systems from our Italian partner and are exclusive distributors in the UK.

Our internal water cooled units feature:

  • Reduced water consumption
  • Class A+++/A++ energy rating
  • Environmentally friendly R32 gas
  • Maximum silence for quiet operation
  • Full DC inverter + H2O inverter

Wall Mounted vs Ducted Air Conditioning

In addition, you have the option on to choose between wall mounted and ducted air conditioning for your apartment or flat. Wall mounted units feature a rectangular unit that is mounted in a high or low position on an internal wall. These units are cost-effective, versatile and easy to retrofit. A single unit can cool the average sized room. If you need to cool a larger space or separate rooms, you can install a multi-split system with up to five units.

Ducted units are more discreet than wall mounted units. Ducted units are typically installed in a false or suspended ceiling. The only visible elements are the vent grilles in the wall or ceiling. Although they are more expensive to install than wall units, they are more aesthetically pleasing. If you are looking to install ducted air conditioning throughout your home, it is important to note that the system runs at a single temperature. You cannot adjust room temperatures separately like you can with wall units.

Talk To The Experts

At ACS, we are London’s leading experts in internal water cooled air conditioning solutions. We dedicate ourselves to providing excellent customer service. Our team of friendly F-GAS engineers are available for free consultations and site surveys. If you are looking to install air conditioning in your London flat, get in touch today!


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