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Air Conditioning Solutions For New Build Apartments In London

Air conditioning installations are becoming increasingly popular in cities such as London, particularly in apartments and flats. In Britain, our homes are designed to protect us from the cold winter months. Modern building regulations mean that new build properties are well insulated. Although this is ideal for the colder parts of the year, it can become an issue in the summer heat. Property restrictions are a common obstacle faced by London apartment owners when it comes to installing air conditioning. The good news is our air conditioning solutions are ideal for new build apartments in London.

Why Is Air Conditioning Important In Apartments?

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Air Quality

We spend the majority of our time indoors. Your indoor air quality therefore has a significant impact on your overall health. Substances such as formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds and mould are common indoor pollutants that negatively impact your health. City-based apartments could be exposed to poorer indoor air quality due higher levels of outdoor pollution than in other places.

Air conditioners are one of a few effective ways to improve your indoor air quality. The filters are great for removing pollutants from the air. This includes allergens such as pollen, dust and pet hair. In addition, AC units can help combat mould and mildew by regulating the humidity levels in your home.

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When your apartment becomes hot and stuffy, the logical thing to do is to open your windows. This could be an issue if you have children or pets. It is not always possible to keep an eye on them and leaving them with open windows can be a scary thought. It is also not ideal to leave pets in a hot apartment while you are away. Internal air conditioning can help you overcome these issues, while keeping your apartment cool and comfortable.

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It goes without saying that you home should be comfortable. The last thing you want after a long day at work, is to return to a stuffy apartment. Air conditioning allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home all year around. In addition, ‘sleep modes’ allow you to sleep comfortably through those hot summer nights.

Internal Air Conditioning For New Build Apartments In London

Modern problems, require modern solutions. Our internal water cooled air conditioning systems are the perfect solution for apartments. This type of unit can be installed without planning permission as the entire system is contained inside the property. The most popular option for residential installation are wall mounted and ducted units. Whereas wall mounted units are easy to retrofit, ducted air conditioning is often better to install as part of a building project if you do not have a suspended ceiling. It is important to consider which option is best for your new build property.

Benefits Of Internal Air Conditioning

No External Unit

This type of air conditioning requires no external unit, unlike traditional air conditioners. As a result, you do not need to drill holes in your external walls or modify the exterior of your property. The entire unit is installed inside your apartment with minimal disruption. See which water-cooled air conditioning solution is right for your property here.

No Planning Permission

If you live in a restricted property such as an apartment or listed building, you would normally require planning permission to install a traditional air conditioning system. Our internal units can be installed without planning permission.

Suitable for Listed Buildings

London is filled with beautiful listed properties. The only issue is that they are often difficult to modernise due to building restrictions. Our AC units are suitable to install in Grade II listed buildings.


Our internal condenser units are compact. This means that they can easily be hidden in concealed spaces such as cupboards or under the kitchen sink. As a result, you do not need to compromise on space as they are conveniently tucked out of the way. In addition, unlike traditional units, the condenser will not impact the visual aesthetic of your property.

Talk To The Experts

At ACS Installations, we specialise in internal air conditioning solutions for London apartments and flats. Our team of dedicated experts are available for free consultations and site surveys. We have installed thousands of units across London and the home counties. If you are looking to install hassle free air conditioning in your new apartment, get in touch today!


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