Air Conditioning for Residential Properties in London

Spring is already in the air! Trees are blossoming, the temperature is rising and sunny skies are becoming more and more frequent.

And with spring just around the corner, many of you might have already started to dig out your summer wardrobe, but have you ensured that your home is ready for the warmer weather?

In London, temperatures during the summer months frequently peak at 30 degrees or more, making it almost impossible to escape the heat if you have not invested in an AC unit!

After all, getting a good nights sleep or even relaxing at home can become a tiresome task if you are met with a stifling hot living space.

And installing an air conditioning system in your home in the capital will not only allow you to create a cool and comfortable living space, but it can also add significant value to your home too.

With this in mind, air conditioning is an invaluable investment when it comes to ensuring that you are able to relax and unwind in optimum comfort and increase the value of your home, all summer long.

Here at ACS, we specialise in installing a wide range of air conditioning units that are suitable for different properties, including apartments, flats and listed buildings in London!

However, before choosing the right air conditioning unit for your property, you should always consider the type, the size, which rooms need cooling? This will also help us to find the right air conditioning unit for your needs.

When you are choosing an AC unit for your home, you should also think about whether you need timer options, sleep or night modes and of course, don’t forget the importance of investing in a AC maintenance plan.

For further information about air conditioning projects in residential properties, please do not hesitate to get in touch.