Air Conditioning for Restaurants

There are several factors that can affect the dining experience in a restaurant. Maintaining the perfect ambiance has become just an important as the food being served. Air conditioning is an essential factor for restaurants when it comes to creating a pleasant dining experience for customers. A pleasant experience is key to returning customers and the overall success of the business.

Types of Air Conditioning For Restaurants

There are a few types of systems that are ideal for restaurant spaces. When it comes to choosing the right air conditioning system for your restaurant, there are a few of things to consider:

  1. The size of the space that you are looking to cool
  2. The visual aesthetic that you want to maintain
  3. Property restrictions or space limitations

wall mounted air conditioner in restaurant

Wall Mounted AC

Wall-mounted air conditioning systems are the most cost effective and versatile solution. They are mounted, as the name suggests, to the wall. They are quick and easy to install. Wall units are ideal for smaller restaurants, pubs, and cafés. A single unit can cool an average-sized room. You can add up to five units to a single system, to accommodate a larger space.

ducted air conditioning in restaurant

Ducted AC

Ducted systems are more expensive compared to wall-mounted units. They are usually installed in a suspended or false ceiling. Ducted systems are the most aesthetically pleasing out of the choice of units. The system is designed to be almost entirely hidden. The only visible elements are small grilles in the wall or ceiling. These grilles are available in different shapes and sizes and can be customized. An engineer will advise you on the most appropriate option for your space.

ceiling cassette air conditioning unit

Ceiling Cassette AC

Ceiling cassette units are a popular choice for restaurants, pubs, and cafés. They are ideal for cooling larger spaces and are usually installed in a suspended ceiling. Most of the unit is hidden in the ceiling with the front panel being the only visible element. They feature a four-way air flow for balanced cooling distribution.

Air Conditioning For Restricted Properties

wall mounted water cooled air conditioner in restaurant
Water cooled air conditioner in the restaurant

Water Cooled Air Conditioning

If you face property restrictions or have limited space, there are alternative solutions to traditional air conditioning systems. Water cooled air conditioning systems are plumbed into your mains water supply and use water in a controlled manner to provide cool air. These units are installed internally, with the condenser unit hidden in a concealed space.

Benefits of Restaurant Air Conditioning

Improved Air Quality

Air conditioners improve your indoor air quality. They can remove pollutants such as dust and allergen particles from the air. This will not only promote a healthy working environment for your employees but also for your customers.

Smell and Odour Control

Restaurants, pubs and café’s can host a range of odours and smells if the air is not well-ventilated. These odours can make the air unpleasant for customers and affect the ambiance of the space. A good air conditioner will filter out bad smells and lingering odours by filtering out the air and replacing it with clean air.

Improved Productivity

A hot and stuffy work environment can hinder the productivity of staff members. The installation of an AC system will promote a productive working environment and boost staff morale. This is particularly important in commercial kitchens and for kitchen staff as it can get very hot and humid in such a fast-paced working environment.

Customer satisfaction

The customers’ dining experience is at the core of any restaurant business. Air conditioning will allow you to regulate the climate and keep your customers comfortable during their time at your restaurant. A hot and stuffy environment will be sure to drive customers away.

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