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Why Air Conditioning Servicing Is As Important As Your MOT!

With any piece of equipment that you use on a regular basis, it’s important that you maintain it. This is if you want to keep it performing to the highest standard and delivering the best possible results, not to mention avoiding costly repairs. Just think about it. Your car requires an MOT every year as well as a regular service. So why wouldn’t you do the same servicing to your air conditioning?

Many people don’t realise the importance of servicing their air conditioning system. But, once it’s been installed, your AC unit should be thoroughly serviced at least once a year.

Air conditioning servicing is important for a whole host of reasons, including:

Optimising efficiency

Each year that you do not service your air conditioner professionally, it will lose approximately 5% of its overall efficiency. So, if you want to keep everything running at optimum capacity, make sure you schedule annual air conditioning servicing.

Maximise the lifespan of your air con unit

In addition to optimising the efficiency of your system, regular servicing will also help to lengthen the lifespan of your unit. This will ensure that you maintain and replace parts before significant damage occurs. As a result, this will save you in repairs costs.

Reduce costs

A poorly maintained air conditioning system can use up to 25% more energy than one that is regularly serviced and maintained. Keeping on top of your air conditioning servicing will also help you to keep on top of your energy bills.

Maintain your warranty

Most air conditioning systems come complete with a full warranty valid for a set number of years. This however will be void if you fail to service the unit regularly from the date of installation.

So, whether you’ve just had a new air conditioning system installed or perhaps you’re guilty of neglecting your air con unit, make sure you start regular serving to keep everything running smoothly.

Here at ACS, we offer planned preventive air conditioning maintenance plans on all of our systems. Get in touch to find out more.


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