Back to School! Air conditioning for schools and colleges

Back to School! Air conditioning for schools and colleges

It’s that time of year again, the summer holidays are drawing to close, the adventures and excitement of the past few months are ending, and the new school year is on the horizon.

And, whilst parents and carers are spending their time making sure that their little (or not so little) ones are fully kitted out with their uniform and school shoes, as well as all of the necessary text books, and stationary, schools and colleges are working hard to ensure that they are able to provide a welcoming, comfortable, and productive environment that will allow their pupils and students to learn and succeed.

One element of learning environment that should not be overlooked is the temperature. After all, it is essential to get the right temperature in nurseries, schools, colleges, and universities, in order to help concentration levels and increase the productivity of both students and staff.

Hot stuffy rooms can leave both students and staff feeling stressed, dehydrated, flustered, and tired – and that’s certainly not a productive or positive learning environment. So it’s absolutely vital that educational buildings are well ventilated and temperature controlled.

This is particularly important during exam times when concentration is key and, of course, many main exams take place during the hot and stuffy summer months.

So you might be surprised to hear that many schools, colleges, and universities in London and across the UK still don’t have air conditioning systems.

And it’s not just about concentration. There are also a number of health benefits associated with having air conditioning systems in the classroom, as they purify the air, eliminating bacteria and germs, and helping to keep staff and students fit and healthy.

If you’d like further information about keeping your students and staff happy, healthy, and comfortable, get in touch!