Air Conditioning for School ICT Rooms

Back to School: The importance of AC systems in ICT rooms

The summer holidays are well and truly over – the kids and teachers are all back to school, the nights have started drawing in, and Christmas seems to be creeping up at an alarming rate.

Before the schools broke up for the long summer holiday, the focus was very much on keeping the learning environment cool as temperatures began to soar. However, as we enter the autumn term, keeping cool is less likely to be a problem, and schools will start turning their attentions to keeping their pupils warm!

But, just because the weather is cooling down, doesn’t mean that having an Air Conditioning unit in your schools ICT rooms is any less important. Far from it.

ICT suites in schools usually contain enough computers for a whole class of pupils, not to mention additional equipment such as servers, printers, and more. So it’s hardly surprising that these spaces can become incredibly warm and stuffy. And we all know what happens when learning environments get too warm – productivity and concentration fall substantially.

A high performance air conditioning system will allow you to keep your ICT rooms cool, comfortable, and productive at all times – optimising the environment for both learning and teaching.

And it’s not just about keeping humans at a comfortable temperature, it’s also vital to keep ICT rooms at a suitable temperature. IT equipment is sensitive to heat and humidity and so it’s important that it’s kept within a strict temperature and humidity range.

After all, overheating can lead to systems slowing down, shutting down, or even crashing altogether. This can even cause permanent damage to hard drives and data loss.

Here at ACS, we provide a wide range of Air Conditioning solutions that lend themselves perfectly to use in school ICT rooms. Get in touch to find out more!