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The Benefits Of Air Conditioning In The Classroom

When temperatures soar to 30°C in the summer months, it can make some indoor spaces unbearable. Nothing is worse than being stuck in a hot and humid room, whether sitting at home, working in an office, out shopping, or at school as a student or teacher. Adding air conditioning to the classroom can be highly beneficial to both teachers and students.

Why Install Air Conditioning in Schools?

Improved Comfort

Firstly, adding air conditioning to classrooms will have an immediate effect on the comfort levels of students and staff. High classroom temperatures can cause sweating and dehydration, neither of which are comfortable to experience.

Improved Focus and Concentration

Improved comfort levels can lead directly to improved focus and concentration. When temperatures are too high or low, your brain is busy focusing on regulating your body temperature, which often leaves both students and staff distracted. A study by Harvard University has revealed that student performance is negatively affected by temperatures that are too low or too high when compared to a controlled temperature of 21°C. A study by the University of Denmark found that you can see a 20% increase in student performance if the classroom temperature is lowered from 30°C to 20 °C. Furthermore, they have found optimal performance to happen below 22°C.

This shows the importance of temperature control and how it can affect productivity levels. Teachers have also noted that there are more behavioral issues caused by raised temperatures as students become more agitated and distracted.

Promotes Healthy Learning Environment

There are many other benefits to air conditioning than just cooling. Many modern air conditioners help to purify the air by removing allergens such as dust and pollen from the air. This would be beneficial to students and staff who suffer from allergies hayfever or have respiratory difficulties such as asthma.

In addition, they are great at regulating humidity levels. Not only does this improve comfort for students and teachers but it also protects the building from damp and mould problems. This in turn also protects students and staff from any health complications related to high humidity levels, promoting a healthier work and learning environment.

Ideal Air Conditioners For Schools And Classrooms

Wall Mounted Units For Classrooms

Wall-mounted air conditioners are one of the most cost-effective options. Available in different sizes, they can accommodate anything from small to large open-plan spaces. Multiple smaller units are recommended for larger rooms as opposed to one large unit to improve airflow. In addition, they are easier and quicker to install than ducted systems. Multiple internal fan units can connect to a single condenser, with each fan being controlled separately. This is useful as not all rooms require equal cooling.

Ducted Units For Classrooms

Ducted air conditioning is a more discreet and visually appealing solution. The only visible element is the vent grilles in the wall or ceiling. These units require a bit more work to install and are best fitted in a suspended or false ceiling. The integrated system is operated from a wall-mounted controller, meaning the whole system cools to the same temperature, keeping a balanced temperature throughout the building.

Ceiling Cassette Units For Classrooms

Ceiling cassette air conditioners are one of the most common solutions for educational schools, colleges, and universities. They are discreet units, with only the front remaining panel visible and are best installed within a suspended ceiling. Their discreet and modern looks make them perfect for school buildings.

One of the key benefits of a ceiling cassette unit is four-way air flow that allows for even cooling distribution. As a result, it is ideal for large spaces with multiple areas that need cooling such as lecture theatres or halls.

Water Cooled Air Conditioners

If your building has planning restrictions when it comes to what type of air conditioner you can install, water cooled air conditioners are the ideal solution. This type of system does not require an external unit. Whereas traditional systems require you to fix the condenser to an external wall, water cooled units are plumbed into your water supply and installed inside the property. The condenser is compact and is easily hidden in a concealed space such as a cupboard.

The Benefits Of Water Cooled Air Conditioning

  • No planning permission required
  • No external condenser
  • Suitable for Grade II listed buildings
  • Low noise & WiFi control
  • iFeel technology

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