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The Benefits of Air Conditioning for Gyms and Leisure Centres

The Summer holidays are officially over. And, with the kids back to school, the temperatures dropping, and the nights drawing in, many of us are starting to think about (dare we say it?) Christmas? With the festive season now firmly in focus, more people are starting to head back to the gym. To ensure that they are in tip top condition ready for the feasting and merriment that will no doubt encompass most of December. No matter what the temperature outside, air conditioning in gyms and leisure centres is essential – after all, when we’re working out, we get hot and sweaty enough without the added discomfort of poor ventilation.

Why should you add air conditioning in gyms and leisure centres?

Comfort and enjoyment

When customers are looking to sign up to a new gym or leisure facility, the key selling factors are usually the facilities, the price, and the environment. A cool, well-ventilated gym is a must. No one wants to work out in a hot, stuffy environment, right?
An air conditioning system will ensure that people are comfortable and enjoy their gym experience.

Health and Safety

Maintaining a cool temperature in a gym is also essential for the health and safety of all users. When you get lots of people working up a sweat in a confined space, the temperature can quickly become overpowering.

Members can suffer from headaches and cramps due to dehydration and heat exhaustion as a result of a hot gym environment.

Effective Workouts

Many people don’t realise that air conditioning can actually improve gym-goers’ workouts. It ensures that their core body temperature is optimised for exercise. If you start working out in a room that is already too hot, it will affect your core body temperature and limit your results.

This is particularly important if the space is used for cardio exercise, martial arts, dancing, or fencing.


Many leisure centres combine a number of different facilities. This includes open plan gyms, swimming pools, changing areas, and even beauty and treatment rooms. A good air conditioning system will allow you to meet the different requirements of each type of room and area.

If you’d like to know more about air conditioning for gyms and leisure centres, get in touch. Our team of friendly engineers are available for free quotes and site surveys.

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