benefits of water-cooled air conditioning in flats

The Benefits Of Installing Water Cooled Air Conditioning In Apartments & Flats

With house prices rising and space at premium, it’s perhaps not surprising that more and more people in London are choosing to live in flats and apartments, rather than traditional homes. Living in a flat or apartment within the Capital brings a whole host of advantages, from enhanced security and lower costs, to extra amenities and a prime location. Opting to live in a London flat or apartment is not without its challenges! One such barrier that many residents face is finding a suitable air conditioning system.

Why can’t residents just install a conventional air con system in their flat or apartment?

Building restrictions will often limit the types of air conditioning units that you can install. This is because many buildings in cities such as London will not permit the installation of an external condensing unit. The external condensing unit is an essential component to traditional air conditioners and is therefore an obstacle many apartment owners face.

So how can I keep my apartment cool?

With cities like London’s property landscapes dominated by flats and apartments, there is an alternative option for restricted properties. Water-cooled air conditioning systems offer the ideal solution with a range of benefits for these types of properties. They are suitable to install in listed buildings, apartments, offices and shop units within shopping centres, where an outside condenser box or external vents are unsuitable. These units are plumbed into your mains water supply and use the water in a controlled manner to cool the air.

What are the benefits of water-cooled air conditioning?

No External Condenser Unit

It is common for owners of apartments and flats to need planning permission to install an air conditioning system. This is because a traditional condenser is installed on the outside of the building. One of the main benefits of a water-cooled system is that they do not require an outdoor condenser box. The water-cooled condenser unit is installed internally, therefore you do not need to acquire any planning permission.

Condenser Unit Hidden

With traditional air conditioning units, many consider the outdoor condenser units visually unappealing. In order to combat this, installation engineers will hide the water-cooled condenser within your apartment. Additionally, the condenser is hidden in concealed spaces such as cupboards or underneath kitchen sinks, for added benefit.

Low Noise Output

Modern water-cooled air conditioning units operate with very low noise output. In addition, night set-back settings allow you to slow down the fans of the A/C unit. As a result, this function will reduce noise levels even further at night. Additionally, it will reduce the cooling requirement and regulate your apartment’s climate in line with lower night-time temperatures.

Low Power Consumption

Power consumption is a common concern for air conditioning systems in general. The latest inverter technology compressors optimise the water-cooled A/C system to consume less power which results in greater energy efficiency. New models assure the lowest consumption of electricity and water than any other models on the market. As a result, you do not have to worry about large energy bills.

Reverse Heat Pump Technology

As an addition to cooling aspect of the A/C unit, water-cooled air conditioning systems have the option of reverse heat pump technology. This allows for a heating facility, meaning that you can be comfortable all year around with both heating and cooling facilities at your disposal.

Reduced Environmental Impact

The incorporation of R-32, a new refrigerant gas, is more efficient and has a lower environmental impact than previous gases.

Water Cooled Air Conditioning Installation Costs

Generally speaking, water cooled units are slightly more expensive to install than a traditional air conditioner. Water cooled AC installation costs vary depending on the type of unit. A single 2.8 kw wall mounted unit installation starts at £4,695 + VAT and a single 2.8 kw ducted unit costs around £5,433 + VAT to install. Prices depend on the power and number of the air con units required.

At ACS, we specialise in water-cooled air conditioning installations and maintenance for apartments in London and Home Counties. Before choosing an air conditioning unit for your property, it Is important to consider the type and size of the room that you are looking to cool. Do you need timer options, sleep, or night modes? What type of A/C maintenance do you require? Armed with over 30 years’ experience, we will ensure that you find the right solution for you.

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