The benefits of installing water-cooled air conditioning

With summer just around the corner (hooray!), now’s the perfect time to start thinking about how you can keep the spaces that you spend the most time cool, comfortable and inviting ready for when the temperature soars.

After all, when the temperature rises in the city, there’s nothing worse than having to live and work in a space that is unbearably hot. Trust us, it’s enough to get the sanest person hot under the collar!

But it needn’t be that way…. water-cooled air conditioning offers the ultimate solution, especially for Londoners living and working in the capital.

Requiring no planning permission or an outside condenser, this type of AC system is ideal for installation in apartments, listed buildings and properties with limited space, unlike other air conditioning systems that require an outside condenser.

Benefits of a water-cooled air conditioning unit

• A water-cooled air conditioning unit does not require an external outside condenser box.
• Many flats and apartments come in lots of different shapes and sizes, however a water-cooled air conditioning unit is ideal if you have limited space as it can be hidden in a cupboard or under a kitchen sink.
• This type of AC unit uses mains water in a controlled manner in order to effectively remove heat from a wide range of spaces.
• Low noise output
• No planning permission is required

Here at ACS, we are perfectly equipped with the knowledge, skills and expertise to ensure that you are able to find an air conditioning unit that meets the demands of your property or workplace. Our friendly and helpful team is always on hand to answer any of your questions, so get in touch today to find out how we can help!

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