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The benefits of leasing AC for your business

Air conditioning is a huge asset to many businesses – enhancing the working environment and increasing the productivity, satisfaction, and efficiency of staff.

However, when it comes to investing in an air con system, the upfront cost can be large meaning that many companies are unwilling, or unable, to make the investment.
But that’s where leasing comes in, allowing businesses to enjoy the benefits of air conditioning without the initial expense.

Here are just some of the benefits of leasing AC for your business…

Avoid budget restraints

If you’re buying your air con system out right, your budget can be a huge factor, limiting which technology you can buy or holding up the purchasing process. Leasing avoids this problem – rather than the substantial, upfront costs, you simply need to ensure that you can afford your agreed monthly payments.

Keep cash flow within the business

Rather than spending a large chunk of your hard earned cash on an air conditioning system, leasing allows you to keep cash within the business whilst still enjoying the benefits of the equipment.

Stay up to date with the latest equipment

When you buy an air conditioning system, it’s unlikely that you will be replacing it any time soon. But leasing your equipment means that you have the option of upgrading the equipment at any stage throughout the agreement, meaning you can stay up to date with the very latest state of the art AC technology.

Maximise tax efficiency

100% tax relief is available on all rentals, meaning leasing your equipment will also help you to maximise you tax efficiency.

At ACS, we have partnered with finance provider Tower Leasing Ltd to allow you to embrace the benefits of leasing air conditioning equipment that meets your business needs. Tower Leasing has been operating in the asset finance industry for over 27 years, taking care of the entire lease process to ensure that suppliers and customers can enjoy a simple and quick leasing experience.

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