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The Best Air Conditioner For Your London Apartment

The summer heat can be tough if you live in an apartment or flat. This is especially true if you live in a city such as London where temperatures frequently exceed 30 degrees during the summer months. One of your best options to beat the heat is to install an air conditioner. Here is our guide to the best air conditioner for your London apartment.

portable air conditioner in apartment

Portable Air Conditioners

If you are on a limited budget, you can look to invest in a portable air conditioner.


Cost effective

There are a couple of advantages that come with portable air conditioners. Firstly, they are a cost-effective solution. You can purchase a portable air conditioner for anywhere from £50-£500. Your most suitable option will depend on your budget and your cooling requirement. The smaller and cheaper the air conditioner, the less effective it will be at cooling your apartment.

Easy Installation

Secondly, portable air conditioners are relatively easy to install. You can install this type of unit yourself. The unit will come with its own set of instructions that will have you set-up in no time. You will need to have a window available for the inlet/outlet hose.


Energy Efficiency

One of the main disadvantages of portable air conditioners are that they are not very energy efficient. Relying on a portable air conditioner to keep your apartment cool will result in higher energy bills. In addition, portable units will struggle to keep up with keeping your space cool if the weather is particularly hot.

Floor Space

Portable air conditioners take up valuable floor space. If you live in an apartment, you may be limited on space already. This is important to consider before making your purchase.


In order to keep portable air conditioners running efficiently, they require regular maintenance. This will involve cleaning the filters, emptying the water pan and ensuring that the inlet pipe is clean and free from debris.


Portable air conditioners will produce more noise than installed units. Additionally, the inlet/outlet pipe requires an open window which will not only bring in outside noise pollution but warm air. This can be inconvenient and a safety concern for some users.

wall mounted air conditioner in apartment

Wall Mounted Air Conditioning


Cooling Capacity

Compared to portable air conditioners, wall mounted units have a larger cooling capacity. In addition, if you are looking to cool multiple rooms, you have the option to add up to five wall mounted units to your property. This will allow for even effective cooling.

Cost Effective

Wall mounted units are the most cost effective option of installed air conditioning systems. Modern units are also energy efficient so running costs will be kept at a minimum.

Air Purification

Unlike portable air conditioners, conventional units filter and purify the air inside your apartment. They are great for removing pollutants and allergens such as dust, hair and pollen from the air.


Wall mounted units are popular for their versatility. This type of unit is available in different colours and sizes, making them easy to tailor to your requirements. Each unit’s temperature can be controlled independently, leaving you with plenty flexibility.


Property Restrictions

City apartments are often limited by property restrictions, particularly when it comes to air conditioning. Restrictions are usually concerned with the external condenser that comes with a traditional air conditioning system. As a result, this type of air conditioner is usually not allowed. Make sure that you check your property restrictions before installing your unit.


water cooled air conditioner in apartment

Internal Water Cooled Air Conditioning


Energy Efficient

Our internal water cooled air conditioning units have A+++/A++ energy rating. The power consumption of our units are little over that of a domestic fridge. The cost of water consumption will depend on the unit size and your water rates. Our team of expert engineers can advise you accordingly.

No External Unit

Water cooled air conditioners do not have an external unit. Instead the condenser is installed internally in a concealed space such as a cupboard or under the kitchen sink. The hidden condenser helps to preserve to visual aesthetic of your home.

No Planning Permission

Water cooled systems typically do not require planning permission. This is because they do not have an external unit and the entire system is contained within the property. This also applies to Grade II listed buildings. This allows you to install air conditioning unit in your property regardless of restrictions.

Whisper Quiet Operation

Modern units operate with maximum silence and cause minimal disturbance. In addition, sleep modes allow you slow the fan in line with falling night temperatures and so reduces noise even further.


Installation Cost

The main disadvantage of internal water cooled air conditioners are that they are more expensive to install than traditional units. They are however, the only alternative to traditional units for owners of restricted and listed properties.

Talk to the Experts

There are a few options in terms of air conditioning solutions for your apartment. The best air conditioner for your London apartment will depend on your budget, space, property restrictions and cooling requirement. At ACS Installations, we are experts in internal air conditioning solutions for apartments and flats. We are pioneers of water cooled air conditioning in the UK and have installed thousands of units across London and surrounding areas. So, if you are looking for more information and free advice, please get in touch with us today!


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