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When Is The Best Time To Install Air Conditioning?

So, you have decided that you want to install an air conditioner. You might now be wondering, when is the best time to install air conditioning? That will depend on a range of factors, including the type of and number of units you want to install.

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Installing Air Conditioning With Home Renovations

Depending on the type of unit you want to install, it may be ideal to install your AC during home renovations or when the property is being built. This won’t be the case for everyone and does not mean that you cannot install air conditioning in a finished property. For example, some units like ducted air conditioners, require a false or suspended ceiling. If you do not have a false ceiling, you will need to carry out additional building works or choose an alternative type of unit. On the other hand, wall mounted air conditioners can be easily retrofitted in most instances and will not require a suspended ceiling or additional building works.

Installing Air Conditioning By Time Of Year

man installing wall mounted air conditioner


The warmer parts of the year are the busiest for air conditioning contractors. Many choose to install their air conditioners in Spring so that they are prepared for the upcoming summer months. Although this seems like the best time to install an AC, it is the point when demand starts to rise and HVAC companies become very busy.

We would recommend that you do not wait until the summer to install your AC unit. Not only is this the busiest time of year for installations, meaning that you will face longer lead times but you will also be looking at increased prices due to high demand. This also means that you will be stuck in the heat while waiting for your unit to be installed. In addition, you may be left with little time to properly plan and research your options. Installing air conditioning is a big investment and should be carefully planned to avoid disappointment.


The best time to install an air conditioning unit is in the Autumn and Winter months. This is when demand is at it’s lowest and means that it will be faster and cheaper to install. Some HVAC companies run offers during the winter months, which means that you could get a deal or discount on your installation. In addition, you will also have plenty of time to plan and research the ideal unit for your property.

Since the Winter months are not a busy period for most air conditioning companies, it may be a good idea to shop around and get quotes from multiple contractors. This will ensure that you get the best deal possible.

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