Can I install air conditioning in my listed building?

With the temperatures hitting lofty new heights in London this summer, an increasing number of homeowners are considering installing air conditioning systems in their properties – and who can blame them?

Installing air conditioning in your home will help to keep your family cool, calm and collected, creating a pleasant environment in which to relax, rest, and play all year round.
But if you’re lucky enough to live in a listed building, you might suspect that it won’t be possible to install an air conditioning system in your home. After all, modernising this type of property can be something of a challenge. And temperature control can be an issue in listed buildings at the best of times – they’re typically very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter.

The good news is that there are plenty of options available and there should be a way to install air conditioning in your listed home.

The Problem

If your property is listed, it will be protected by certain guidelines that control what you can and can’t do to the property, even if you own it. One of the main problems that people face when trying to install air conditioning in a listed building is that these guidelines prohibit the use of traditional external condensing units, as well as the drilling of holes in any of the property’s external walls.

The Solutions

Thankfully for all you overheating listed-building owners, water cooled air conditioning offers the perfect way around this. By containing the entire system within the room it is cooling, this type of system removes the need for an outdoor condensing unit, which, in turn, removes the issue of planning permission for listed buildings!

Of course, you won’t want the system to impact on your internal décor too much either, so the indoor condensing box is usually hidden away out of view in a cupboard, under a sink, or anywhere else that’s convenient for you.