Where can you install water cooled air conditioning?

Water cooled air conditioning is an ideal solution for properties that are unable to fit an air conditioning unit with an outside condenser unit due to restrictions such as planning permission, listed buildings and limited space.

No matter what type of property you live or work in, you can reap the benefits of quality air conditioning and temperature control using a water cooled system that will leave you feeling cool and comfortable all year round.

Residential Properties


If you live in an apartment building

Listed Buildings

Commercial Properties



Popular installations:

This type of air conditioning can be installed anywhere, providing comfort to a range of spaces in both residential and commercial properties. Popular installations include the bedroom, open-plan living spaces and offices.

With no need to seek planning permission, drill holes into the exterior of your property or have a visible condensing box, a water cooled AC system delivers maximum practicality and functionality. Contained to one room, the condensing box can be installed out of sight, improving the aesthetic appeal whilst creating a welcoming space for you at home or at work.

How does it work?

Custom built to fit the needs and size of your property, a water cooled air condition system is plumbed into your water mains, removing heat from the room in a controlled manner that is efficient and effective.

Not only will an air conditioning unit offer a comfortable and consistent temperature, it can have many knock-on effects such as better sleep, improved productivity levels and a change in overall mood.

If you’re restricted when it comes to traditional air conditioning or would like a highly efficient water cooled air conditioning system at home or in your work place, get in touch today!

Go about your daily routine comfortably.

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