Air Conditioning Installation - ACS

Why choose ACS to install air conditioning in your property?

When it comes to keeping the spaces that you spend the most time cool, comfortable and inviting, at home and work, ACS Installations should be your first port of call.

After all, when the temperature rises in the city, there is nothing worse than having to live or work in a space that is stifling hot, right?

And, with summer just around the corner, now really is the perfect time to start thinking about installing air conditioning in your residential or commercial property, especially if you live in the heart of London, where temperatures frequently reach 30 degrees or more during the summer months.

Armed with other 30 years experience in providing performance focused, high quality and highly efficient AC units, here at ACS Installations, we are perfectly equipped with the knowledge, skills and expertise to ensure that you are able to find an air conditioning unit that meets the demands of your property.

Experts in all AC installations for residential and commercial properties

Whether you’re looking for air-cooled conditioning units or a water-cooled air conditioning, we can help!

We offer a great range of air conditioning solutions that are perfect for residential and commercial properties including Wall Mounted Air Conditioning (without external unit), Through the Wall Air Conditioning and Water Cooled Internal Condensers right through to Ceiling Cassette Units, Ducted Air Conditioning and Air Conditioning Maintenance.

We have an in house team

Our professional and highly knowledgeable in house team is able to handle all air con installations and air con maintenance issues.

Specialising in installing AC units in apartments, listed buildings, loft conversions and conservatories right through to retail environments, schools, colleges and restaurants, we will handle the entire installation process.

We don’t just install, we maintain your AC all year round if you opt in for a maintenance contract.

In order to ensure that your air conditioning unit remains in sound working order, all year round, come rain or shine, it’s important to recognise the many benefits that come hand in hand with an air conditioning maintenance plan.

This is because not maintaining your AC unit, can lead to breakdowns, unnecessary replacements and increased costs for you. Check out our AC maintenance plan today!