Air Conditioning for summer

Don’t wait until the next heat wave to get your air con installed!

There’s little doubt that this summer has been particularly hot, especially if you’re in London.

When September comes and the kids head back to school, the nights start to draw in, the mornings are considerably darker, and the weather usually starts turning more autumnal.
But not this year! So far, September has been hot and sunny. In fact, the UK’s hottest day of the year so far, and the warmest September day since 1911, was recorded in Gravesend, Kent, where temperatures soared to 34.4C.

With temperatures becoming ever more unpredictable, it’s more important than ever to ensure that you are prepared for extreme weather conditions and above-average temperatures for the UK.

When heat waves hit, Londoners begin flocking to beaches, parks, and lidos in their droves, looking for a cool place to relax and enjoy the sunshine.

But life doesn’t stop when the sun makes an appearance, so it’s more important than ever before that the spaces that you spend the most time in at home and work are cool, comfortable, and bearable when the temperature rises.

After all, working in a hot office can have a huge impact on productivity, completing daily tasks such as shopping can become unbearable and getting a good night’s sleep can be almost impossible.

And, although many of us like to bask in the sunshine at any opportunity, working, exercising, and completing day-to-day tasks can become exhausting.

Installing an air conditioning system can provide much needed relief from the hot weather outside, allowing you to keep the environments that you spend the most time in cool, comfortable and inviting.

Air conditioning systems are designed to keep temperatures regulated, and providing your AC system is installed by a professional, it can even help to improve air quality.

So, rather than waiting for the next heat wave to hit, get your air conditioning installed in advance so you’re ready to feel cool and collected on those unexpected, hot days.