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Everything You Need To Know About Server Room Air Conditioning

With technology becoming increasingly vital to the vast majority of companies, server rooms are at the very heart of almost every organisation. Air conditioning is an integral part of any server room. They are designed to keep your servers cool and running efficiently. They will ensure that it is always at the ideal temperature for optimum performance. We have compiled a guide on everything you need to know about server room air conditioning.

The importance of investing in air conditioning For Server Rooms

It’s vital that you recognise the importance of investing in a high quality, performance-focused air conditioning system that will help to regulate the temperature of your sever room.

If a computer overheats, it can lead to a variety of problems that will ultimately affect the day to day running of your core business operations. For example, overheating can cause your server to shut down or crash. In some cases, a total crash can even result in significant data loss. This can be incredibly damaging to your business.

Types of Server Room air conditioners

ceiling cassette air conditioner

Ceiling Cassette Units

Ceiling cassette units are a popular choice for commercial properties. Engineers typically install these types of units in a false or suspended ceiling. They are discreet with only the front fascia panel remaining visible. Featuring four way air flow, we recommend to position ceiling cassette units in a central location for even air distribution. Providing balanced cooling, this type of air conditioning system is ideal for larger server rooms.

ducted air conditioning in server room

Ducted Units

Ducted air conditioners are another popular choice for commercial properties. These units are as discreet as air conditioners get. This type of unit is installed in a suspended ceiling with only the vent grilles visible. These grilles come in different designs. Your dedicated installation engineer will advise you on the most suitable option for your property. In addition, ducted systems provide balanced cooling and are good for keeping the room at a consistent temperature. You can easily manage the temperature from the wall mounted control panel.

wall mounted air conditioner in server room

Wall Mounted Units

Wall mounted air conditioners are the most cost-effective and versatile option. The single air flow allows you to direct the cool air directly at your servers. You also have the option to install multiple units across the room. This makes wall mounted units ideal for big or small spaces. In addition, wall units are easily retro fitted and can be installed quickly with minimal disruption.

Water Cooled Air Conditioning

water cooled air conditioning in server room

What is water cooled air conditioning?

Water cooled air conditioning units offer an alternative solution for restricted properties. They require no external unit which means that you do not have to acquire planning permission. These units are ideal for listed buildings and properties with limited space.

It is important to note that water cooled air conditioners are more expensive to install than traditional units. We therefore only recommend that you install this type of unit if you cannot install a traditional air conditioner.

How does water air conditioning work?

Unlike traditional air conditioners, water cooled systems rely on water instead of air to cool the room. As a result, our engineers install the condenser unit internally as opposed to fixing it to an external wall. Installation engineers plumb the condenser unit into your mains water supply. It uses water in a controlled manner to cool the air.

Emergency Server Room air Conditioning

It is always a good idea to have a backup option at hand, in case of an emergency. This is particularly useful in situations where your AC system malfunctions or breaks down. Portable air conditioners are relatively cheap and are a great temporary solution. This will ensure that your servers remain cool until an air conditioning expert can repair your AC system. They are not as effective as installed units but will prevent any major damage and disruption to your servers.

Importance of maintaining your Server Room air conditioning system

Maintaining a regular maintenance schedule is critical for server rooms. Air conditioning maintenance ensures that all parts of the unit is clean and running at full capacity. There are a range of benefits of maintaining your AC system. Firstly, it is the best way to prevent any unexpected breakdowns and malfunctions which will save you money on repairs costs. Secondly, it will help keep your energy costs at a minimum as your unit will be running efficiently. For example, blocked filters can result in the unit working harder to cool the space. This will therefore, increase the electricity usage.

That should just about cover everything you need to know about server room air conditioning.

Talk to the experts

At ACS installations, we are armed with over 30 years’ experience installing traditional and water cooled air conditioners. Skilled and experienced in installations, maintenance and repairs for server rooms of all different sizes, our knowledgeable engineers understand the importance of selecting the right air con system for your server room. In addition, we will help ensure that you achieve optimum results, in terms of comfort, safety, and performance.

We’ll also consider your future plans for the room. For example, whether you are planning any upgrades in the near future, or plan to add extra servers and computers. This is to ensure that your air conditioning system will meet your requirements both now and in the future.


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