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Everything You Need to Know About Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Units

There are a wide range of different air conditioning systems available on the market. This can make it difficult to know which type of air con system will best suit your needs, right? We are going to look at everything you need to know about wall mounted air conditioning units. Wall mounted air conditioning units are incredibly versatile, meaning they offer a great solution for many different rooms and applications. Wall mounted units can offer a functional and efficient air conditioning solution in a wide range of spaces.

What are wall mounted air conditioning units?

wall mounted air conditioner blowing cold air

Wall mounted air conditioning is the most popular type of air conditioning thanks to its versatile, easy-to-install nature. These air conditioning systems offer the same benefits as room air conditioners but they don’t need to be installed by a window. Traditional systems have two main parts, the internal unit and the external condenser.

What are the Benefits of wall mounted air conditioners?

Wall mounted air conditioning units offer a number of benefits, they are:

  • Compact – The compact nature of these units means that they’re ideal for use in smaller spaces. This includes bedrooms, living rooms, offices, server rooms, and small shops.
  • Versatile – Wall mounted air con systems come in a wide range of sizes, styles, and colours. So, it’s easy to find one that will fit into your existing décor and blend into the background.
  • Accommodating – You can mount this type of unit high or low on the wall in order to fit in with the available space.
  • Cost Effective – Wall mounted air conditioning units offer great value for money, meaning they’re a great option if you’re on a budget.

Where can I install wall mounted air conditioning?

The versatile nature of wall mounted units make them ideal for a wide range of rooms and properties.

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Residential Properties

Wall units are a popular choice for residential properties in the UK. They are suitable to install in any room, for example, kitchens, studies, bedrooms, bathrooms and home offices. You can install a single wall mounted unit if you want to cool a single space in your home. In addition, multi-split systems allow you to install up to five units across your home. This allows you to cool your entire property. You will also benefit from being able to control the temperature of each unit separately. For example, if you want to keep certain rooms cooler than others.

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Commercial Properties

Wall units are ideal for smaller commercial spaces. They are suitable for offices, shops, café’s, restaurants, classrooms and data server rooms. You can install more than one unit with a multi-split system. This is useful if you are looking to accommodate a large space or if you have multiple areas that require cooling.

What sizes are available?

Wall units come in a range of sizes that are suitable for different spaces. You can work out the cooling requirement for your space by using our cooling requirement calculator. This will give you an indication of what sized unit will be most appropriate for your space.

  • 2.8 kw – Suitable for installation in a small living room, consulting room, small retail space, typical bedroom or home office.
  • 3.5 kw – Suitable for installation in a medium living area, mid sized dining area, mid sized kitchen, medium retail space and medium office.
  • 5.3 kw – Suitable for installation in an open-plan living area, large kitchen/dining area, medium retail space, large office space or open-plan apartment
  • 6.4 kw – Suitable for installation in an open-plan living area, open-plan kitchen, large retail space, open-plan office and large server room.

What are my options if I cannot install an external condenser?

If you are facing property restrictions and cannot install an external condenser, don’t worry! Water cooled air conditioning offers an alternative option that will still allow you to install a wall mounted unit in your property. Firstly, they do not require an external condenser and offers the ideal solution for those with restricted properties. Secondly, you can install the condenser inside the property, usually in a concealed space such as a cupboard or under the kitchen sink. They are compact and hidden so you do not need to compromise on the visual aesthetic of your home. The condenser unit is plumbed into your mains water and uses water in a controlled manner to cool the air.

How often should wall units get maintained?

We strongly recommend that you invest in an air conditioning maintenance package and service your AC at least once a year. If you do not maintain your unit, you risk facing unexpected breakdowns which will lead to costly repairs. It will also ensure that your system is running at maximum efficiency, saving you money on energy bills.

Talk to the Experts

Here at ACS, we are experts in both traditional and water cooled air conditioning installations. Our team of friendly engineers are available for free consultations and site surveys. This guide covered everything you need to know about wall mounted air conditioning units. If you have any further questions about wall mounted AC systems, or want to discuss your individual needs further, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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