Everything you need to know about a Water Cooled Internal Condenser

When it’s hot and humid outside, there’s nothing better than escaping the heat in an air-conditioned building or property. After all, there’s nothing worse than feeling irritated and unbearably hot when you’re trying to live and work during the summer months.
The good news is, there are a whole host of high performance air conditioning units that will help you to keep both residential and commercial spaces cool and comfortable all year round.
And, if you’ve been advised that you aren’t able to install an air conditioning unit with an outside condenser due to building or property restrictions, why not choose a Water Cooled Internal Condenser instead?
Water Cooled Internal Condensers (air con with no external unit) require no planning permission, meaning they are ideal for installation in listed buildings, properties with limited space and apartments.
Here’s our guide to the benefits of this type of AC unit…
• This type of AC units is a great option for listed buildings, offices, shops or even shopping centers that are not able to accommodate an outside condenser box or external vents.
• Water Cooled Internal Condensers are also extremely discrete as the condenser can be hidden within the property so it does not affect the aesthetic appeal of the space.
• Enjoy low noise output
• No planning permission required
Here at ACS Installations, we provide a wide range of air conditioning solutions that are suitable for use in a variety of living and working environments.
So, if you’re struggling with the heat this summer, or you’re looking for an AC unit to keep your living environment cool and comfortable during the winter months, why not take advantage of our Water Cooled Air Conditioning special offer?
We will match any competitive price and apply an additional 5% discount on all of out AC installations with a water cooled internal condenser (air con with no external unit).