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Your Frequently Asked Questions About Water-Cooled Air Conditioning

We answer some of your frequently asked questions about water-cooled air conditioning:

Q: Can I Install Water-Cooled Air Conditioning In A Listed Or Restricted Property?

Yes, water-cooled air conditioning is the only option if you live in a restricted property such as an apartment or listed building. Planning permission is usually required when installing an external condenser typical for traditional air conditioning systems. Our internal units are installed inside your property and therefore do not require planning permission.

Q: How Long Does It Take To Install?

A typical single-split system takes 1-2 days to install. The installation time depends on your property type and specific requirements. Some installations can be done in the course of a morning, while others may take longer.

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Q: Do The Units Make A Lot Of Noise?

Thanks to new Panasonic DC Inverter Compressors and new thermal and acoustic insulation panels, our internal units are ‘whisper’ quiet. They also include sleep modes that slow the fans and adjust the cooling requirement in line with falling ambient temperatures. This will leave you undisturbed for a good night’s sleep.

Q: How Much Will It Cost To Run?

The running costs of a water-cooled air conditioning system will depend on a couple of factors. The electrical power consumption of an average-sized AC system is a little more than the typical domestic fridge. The water consumption will depend on your usage characteristics and what you pay for water. Water usage rates vary on the type and size of the AC system.

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Q: How Does It Work?

We plumb water-cooled units into your mains water supply. They use water in a controlled manner to cool the air through the piping system. In addition, our engineers hide the condenser in a concealed space such as a cupboard or under the kitchen sink. This means that you do not need to compromise on the visual aesthetic of your home.

Q: Where Do You Source Your Water Cooled Units?

Our internal water-cooled units are supplied by our Italian partner, Parkair. They offer a range of residential and commercial solutions and are established in the market as a successful Italian product with low energy consumption.

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