Restaurant Air Conditioning

Getting the right restaurant temperature for your customers

When it comes to food, temperature can make all the difference.

After all, no one likes to be served a stone cold, or slightly warm meal in their favourite restaurant, right? Equally a meal that is too hot risks burning your mouth and even stifling the taste. In fact, some researchers believe that heat impairs our ability to enjoy the flavour of food.

According to one study, for example, the perception of taste decreases when the temperature rises beyond 35C and when food is very hot, the burning sensation masks the sensation of taste. Another body of research found that heating or cooling certain parts of the tongue can actually create the illusion of certain tastes. Warming the front of the tongue, for example, can convey sweetness, whilst cooling the same area prompts a sour or salty taste. This highlights that the temperature of food can, in fact, alter the tastes we experience.

But it’s not just about the temperature of the food itself, if you want your guests to enjoy a pleasant, comfortable, and relaxing environment, it’s important that the room temperature is optimum. And we all know that a positive and enjoyable customer experience can be the difference between a customer coming back and recommending you to their friends, or not.

An air conditioning system is the perfect way to keep your restaurant at a comfortable temperature, all year round. Of course, air conditioning also offers a whole host of other benefits to restaurant owners including health and food hygiene, as well as food odour, smoke, and fumes control.

As experts in air conditioning, here at ACS, we are fully equipped to help you find the perfect air conditioning and ventilation systems for your restaurant – keeping your customers happy, comfortable, and returning to your establishment time after time!