Hever castle and gardens in Kent

Air Conditioning – Hever Castle & Gardens, Kent

Hever Castle & Gardens, is situated in the village of Hever, Kent. It was the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry VIII and mother of Elizabeth I. Visitors can explore the stunning gardens during all four seasons, and learn about the castle, the 16th-century portraits, paintings, the interiors, tapestries and hidden gems. We have been installing and servicing air conditioning in Hever Castle for a number of years. Like with all our clients, we tailor our AC services according to their requirements, and provide the best solution possible.

A recent incident has led the failure of their server room air conditioning system. Data server room air conditioning is crucial to protect and maintain the functionality of expensive IT equipment. This is particularly when it comes to the summer months. The hot air can cause equipment to malfunction and breakdown, leading to extensive repair costs. In situations like this, it is therefore critical to amend any malfunctioning air conditioning systems as soon as possible. Due to the circumstances, we knew we had to prioritise our client. Thanks to our excellent team, we were able to source and install a new air conditioning unit by the end of the week. As a result, our client could enjoy the weekend knowing that their electronic equipment would be protected during the heatwave.

Air Conditioning Feedback from Claire, Hever Castle

“ACS are always very helpful, they will send an engineer out quickly to fix any faults.  The engineers that visit are very knowledgeable and will only complete work that is necessary.  Our server room air conditioning unit was failing in the summer and would not have lasted over the very hot weekend ahead.  They quickly sourced us a new one and installed it so it was up and running by 6pm on the Friday afternoon, saving us from disaster. Fantastic service.”

Claire, ACS Customer

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