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Home Office Air Conditioning

The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 resulted in a large increase in remote working. It has also become a permanent working situation for some. Working from home can be great. Many enjoy the flexibility and free time that would have otherwise been spent commuting to and from work. During the summer months, particularly in cities such as London where summer temperatures often reach of exceed 30 degrees, our homes can become very hot and humid. This can make it difficult to concentrate when you are not working in an air-conditioned commercial office. Home office air conditioning has become increasingly popular in recent years as a result. It is an effective solution and will keep you cool and comfortable while working from home.

Home office air conditioning solutions

Wall Mounted Air Conditioning For Home Office

Wall mounted air conditioners are a cost-effective, versatile, and popular home office AC solution. They are one of the most common installations in residential properties. A single 2.8 kw unit can cool the average room. They are a popular choice as engineers can install them quickly and with minimal disruption.

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Water Cooled Air Conditioning for Home Office

If you have property restrictions or are limited on space, water cooled air conditioning is the ideal alternative to traditional air conditioning. These ac systems do not require an external condenser unit and is plumbed into your mains water supply. The system uses water in a controlled manner to cool the air. Engineers hide the condensing unit in a concealed space such as a hallway cupboard for convenience and visual aesthetic.

Home Office Air Conditioning Benefits

Improved Concentration

Working from home can have its own set of distractions. During the summer months, our homes can become hot and humid. This can make it difficult to concentrate on your work when are sitting in a hot and stuffy room. Air conditioning offers the perfect solution and will create a cool and comfortable space for you to work in. Most modern units are very quiet and will not cause any disruptions to your day.

Reduced Allergies

AC systems are great at removing pollutants that are often present in the air inside out homes. This can range from dust and dirt particles to allergens and pet hair. The AC unit remove the pollutants through the filtering system in the indoor unit. As a result, it provides relief for those who suffer from allergies such a hay fever.

Reduced Humidity Levels

Air conditioners are great at reducing humidity levels. The ideal humidity levels for the average home are between 30% to 70%. High humidity levels can cause a variety of issues from health problems to issues with mold growth. Air conditioning systems regulate humidity levels by removing the heat and moisture from the air via the evaporator coil, leaving the room cooler and more comfortable.

Protection of IT Equipment

IT equipment such as laptops, computes and printers generate a lot of heat. High levels of heat can cause damage to delicate electronic equipment, especially when used for long periods of time. Installing an AC system will regulate room temperatures and reduce the risk of your office equipment sustaining damage due to overheating. This is particularly important if your home office is built in an outdoor shed as they are prone to fluctuating temperatures.

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