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How To Keep Your Server Room Cool

Server rooms are vital for the day-to-day function of any business. It is therefore important to maintain the ideal temperature to keep your equipment functioning at optimum capacity. This will not only benefit your business in terms of productivity but will also save you money in the long run. Let’s dive deeper into the importance of keeping your server room cool.

Why should you keep your server room cool?

It goes without saying that temperature affects the functioning of IT equipment. For example, even our mobile phones have temperature limits and are unusable at high temperatures. Equipment in server rooms produce a lot of heat. Maintaining a cool environment will ensure your servers and equipment stays protected from overheating.

Damage to your equipment from overheating can be detrimental to your business. Not only do you risk permanent damage, high repair costs and disruption to the functioning of your business but major data loss can make it difficult to recover from such a malfunction. Maintaining the room temperature is an absolute must.

What is the ideal temperature for server rooms?

The ideal temperature for server rooms is between 18 °C-22 °C. As long as you maintain a temperature within this range, you should not experience any malfunctions or breakdowns. You don’t want the temperature to drop below 10 °C or exceed 28 °C as your equipment will be much more likely to experience problems.

How to keep your server room cool

Keeping your sever room cool is a fairly simple task. At the very least, you need to install an air conditioning system that can combat the heat produced by the equipment in the room. It is also a good practice to have a backup in case of an emergency. For example, if your current AC fails.

Here are the best ways to keep your sever room cool:

  1. Install and maintain commercial air conditioners.
  2. Invest in emergency/backup portable air conditioners – alternatively, you can also hire portable air conditioners.
  3. Optimise the layout of the room to improve airflow and cooling distribution.
  4. Use blanking panels to section off hot and cold air.
  5. Seal the room to prevent heat from entering or cool air escaping.
  6. Use low heat emitting lights to avoid generating excess heat.
  7. Avoid unnecessary equipment or use of room to minimise factors that produce heat.

How to Choose the right AC unit for your server room

It is important that you get the right system that meets the requirements of the room. You should also consider external factors that can affect the room temperature such as sunlight. This is to ensure that you don’t only get a unit that can accommodate the size of the room but is also capable of handling heat from external sources. It will also maximise the energy efficiency of your system and reduce your energy costs. Use our handy air conditioning size guide to help you find the right unit for your property. Alternatively, our team of dedicated engineers are available to carry out free site surveys and will design an ideal system for your requirements.

The importance of air conditioning maintenance

Once you install your air conditioning system, it is crucial that you maintain it. Your AC will look after your equipment, as long as you look after it. We recommend that you hire air conditioning professionals to service your AC system once to twice a year. This is to ensure that all parts are fully functional and will prevent any future problems arising.

Talk to the experts

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