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Important Things To Consider Before Installing Air Conditioning In Your Flat

Are you struggling to keep a balanced temperature in your flat or apartment? It is a common struggle for flat owners to keep their homes cool, especially during the summer months. Apartments and flats in city centers often receive lots of sunlight, which can make your home feel hot, stuffy, and uncomfortable. The good news is there is a solution! Air conditioning can give you all of the freedom you need when it comes to climate control however, there are some important things to consider before installing air conditioning in your flat.

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Do you rent or own the property?

Firstly, if you are the property owner, you can usually decide whether or not you want to install air conditioning. It is important however to check whether you are on a freehold or leasehold agreement. If you have a leasehold agreement you may need to get permission from the freeholder to install air conditioning, regardless of being the owner of the property. If you are a freeholder, it is still worth checking as there may be restrictions on your building that will not allow the installation of a traditional system with an external condenser.

On the other hand, if you are renting the property, you will need to get permission from your landlord. It is important to check the restrictions on your property and to obtain permission before going ahead with the installation. If you neglect to do so, you may be asked to remove your air conditioning system.

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Do you need planning permission?

Planning permission is a common obstacle for flat owners who want to install a traditional air conditioning system. This is especially true if you live in cities such as London. The issue lies with the external condenser as it will affect the exterior of the building. Check with your local authority to see whether you need planning permission here.

What can you do if you cannot get planning permission?

It is common for local and building authorities to deny permission to install traditional air conditioning in apartments and flats. The good news is there is an alternative solution. Water-cooled air conditioning has become a popular solution for restricted properties such as flats and Grade II listed buildings.

Water Cooled Air Conditioners

Some of the main benefits include:

  • No planning permission
  • Do not require an external condenser
  • Internal condenser hidden
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Energy efficient
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Full Wi-Fi integration
  • Suitable for apartments and Grade II listed buildings

We are London’s leading internal air conditioning experts. Our water-cooled systems are installed inside the property. Our condensers use water instead of air to cool your indoor space. This means that they do not require any planning permission to install. Our engineers hide the compact condenser in a concealed space such as a cupboard or under the kitchen sink. This means that you do not need to compromise on space or the visual aesthetic of your home.

What type of air conditioner do you want to install?

There are a couple of main options to keep in mind. What you can install will depend on a variety of factors including the available space and construction type of your flat. The size of the space you are looking to cool will also affect the size AC you will need. You should keep your budget in mind as some systems are more expensive to install than others. Try to avoid these common mistakes when choosing the ideal air conditioning for your property.

Wall Mounted Air Conditioning

Wall-mounted air conditioning is one of the most popular, cost-effective, and versatile types of unit. This system consists of a rectangular fan unit that is fixed to an internal wall, accompanied by a condenser unit. They can accommodate anything from small to large open-plan spaces. In addition, you have the flexibility of adding up to five fan units to a single condenser. This allows you to add units in multiple rooms.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning is primarily more costly but discreet than wall-mounted units. They are usually installed in a false or suspended ceiling with only the grilles remaining visible. If you do not have a suspended ceiling, you may need additional building works in order to install ducted air conditioning. This is important to consider in regard to your budget as well.

Talk to the experts

At ACS Installations, we are experts in traditional and internal air conditioning solutions. If you are looking to install an AC system in your apartment or flat, we would love to help you find the ideal solution for your property. We have installed thousands of units across London and the home counties. Our team of friendly engineers are available for free consultations and site surveys. Get in touch today for a free quote!


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