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Install your water cooled air conditioning system before Summer 2020

Summer 2019 has been a very hot year! After a long and busy work day did you come back to a very warm and stuffy home? Unfortunately, opening all the windows doesn’t always cut it in the sweltering heat. It’s not just the heatwave which can cause your home to warm up. Sun rays can go right through your windows, appliances such as the TV, mobile phone, cooking and lighting emit heat as well. Air conditioning will make a difference to your life, ensuring you can come home at the right temperature for living and sleeping well.

We have customers faced with this problem year after year as they are of not able to install air conditioning. Most conventional air conditioning installations require an external unit. Unfortunately for many apartments and homes in London, home owners are not allowed an outside condenser. A water cooled air conditioning system can overcome this problem as it doesn’t require an external unit or planning permission. In fact, the condenser can be hidden away within the property, in a cupboard and will use the water mains to remove heat with minimal noise.

We have a wealth of experience in all types of air conditioning installations throughout London, and we pride ourselves on matching our competitor’s prices with an additional 5% discount* on water cooled air conditioning installations (*Terms and conditions apply, and quote from competitor should be supplied to receive discount).

So, don’t rush next year to contact us as soon as the heatwave kicks in. Plan in advance and get your free quote and survey with ACS. We work all year round doing air conditioning installations, so get in touch with us today.