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Why Our Internal Condensers Are Best In The Market

Armed with over 30 years in the industry, our experience speaks for itself. There are many restricted properties around London such as apartments and listed buildings. It can be difficult to obtain planning permission for these properties in terms of installing air conditioning. We have helped thousands of customers install our internal water-cooled air conditioning systems in restricted properties around London. Let’s have a look at why our internal condensers are the best in the market:

Why Our Internal Condensers Are Best In The Market

Bespoke Design & Installation

We understand that no two properties are the same. Our internal condensers are simple, compact and built for convenience. This allows us to install your internal system without having to compromise on space or visual aesthetic. Our engineers hide the internal condenser in a concealed space such as a cupboard or under the kitchen sink. We work with you to choose the most convenient spot in your home.

Competitive Prices with Our Price Match Guarantee

We understand that air conditioning can be a significant financial investment. That’s why we are committed to offering the best prices on the market. If you get a cheaper quote for an internal air conditioning system installation, give us a call on 0208 669 1112 and we will match the price.

High Energy Efficiency Rating

Our air conditioning units have an A+++/A++ energy rating. In addition, they also feature reduced water consumption. So when it comes to long-term running costs, you can rest assured that our internal condensers are the most efficient in the market. We also offer comprehensive yearly maintenance plans at a competitive price. This will keep your system running at maximum capacity, which will save you money on running costs as well as, potential breakdowns and repairs.


Unlike our competitors, we are transparent about where we source our internal condenser units. We source our units from our partner, Parkair. Parkair offers an extensive range of air conditioning solutions. Their products are established in the market as a successful Italian product with low energy consumption.

How does internal air conditioning work?

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Our internal units are plumbed into your mains water supply. They use water in a controlled manner to cool the air through the piping system. The entire system is contained inside the property. As a result, no planning permission is required as the condenser is not fixed to an external wall. Our self-contained units are ideal for a hassle-free air conditioning installation.

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