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Is It Worth Getting Air Conditioning In The UK?

When temperatures hit thirty degrees in the summer, have you considered whether it’s worth installing air conditioning in your UK home or business? You’re not alone! In the UK, our buildings and homes are designed to keep us warm during winter. We are primarily a heating-dominated country, but air conditioning has grown more popular in recent years.

The issue with our homes they are good at keeping us warm in the winter but can make the summer months unbearable. Apartments and listed buildings are particularly vulnerable to the summer heat. Not only can this heat be dangerous to your health but can also affect the quality of life of those more sensitive to heat such as babies and the elderly. With summer heatwaves becoming warmer and more frequent, cooling solutions are needed.

Types of Air Conditioning Systems For UK Properties

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Traditional Air Conditioning

Traditional air conditioning refers to systems that have an internal fan and an external condenser unit. These systems are usually more cost-effective to install. They are suitable for many types of properties across the country. In some cases, you may need planning permission so it is important to ensure you have the right permissions before beginning installation.

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Wall Mounted Units

Wall-mounted air conditioning is the most cost-effective and versatile solution. These units consist of a rectangular internal fan unit and a condenser which is traditionally mounted to an external wall. They are suitable for both commercial and residential use. Wall units can cool from a small room to an open-plan living area or small shop, depending on the size of the unit.

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Ducted Units

Ducted air conditioning is primarily more discreet than wall-mounted units. The only visible element is the vent grilles in the wall or ceiling. Ducted units are ideal for cooling multiple rooms to the same temperature. They are more expensive to install than wall-mounted units but are more visually appealing.

ceiling casette air conditioner in restaurant

Ceiling Cassette Units

Ceiling cassette units are ideal for commercial installations. These units feature four-way airflow which is great for spaces that have multiple areas that need cooling, for example, offices and restaurants.

Parkair water cooled wall mounted unit

Internal Water Cooled Air Conditioning Units

Not all properties are permitted to install traditional air conditioners. The main issue with these systems is the external unit that are fixed to an external wall. They affect the appearance of a building and can cause noise issues for neighboring properties. Restricted properties such as apartments and Grade II listed buildings usually require planning permission to install an external condenser. This planning permission can be challenging to obtain, however, there is a solution! Water-cooled air conditioners are designed as an alternative to traditional ACs. You are still able to choose from the same range of internal fan units, the only difference is the condenser. The small and compact condenser is plumbed into your mains water supply and installed inside your property. They use water instead of air to provide cooling. Their main benefits include:

  • No planning permission
  • No external condenser
  • Suitable for apartments and Grade II listed buildings
  • Low energy and water consumption
  • Low noise & WiFi control

Air Conditioning Benefits

Air conditioning systems can benefit different properties in different ways. The type of system you should install will also depend on your requirements and the type of property. In both instances, air conditioners are great for improving air quality in terms of dust, allergens, and humidity. The main benefits are:

Residential Properties

  • Improves sleep – lowers temperature and fan speed for a good night’s sleep.
  • Improve mood – a hot and humid home can leave you feeling agitated and increase stress levels whereas AC provides a cool and inviting atmosphere which can help you relax.
  • Reduce allergens and dust – filters allergens such as dust, pollen, and pet hair from the air, improving air quality.
  • Reduce humidity levels – removes water from the air and reduces chances of damp and mould growth.
  • Increase property value – adding an AC system will increase the desirability of your property and could even increase your property value.

Commercial Properties

  • Promotes a healthy work environment – regulated temperatures and improved air quality promotes health benefits for employees.
  • Keeps clients and customers happy – cool retail and office spaces will make a good impression and keep customers shopping for longer, especially in the summer.
  • Improves concentration – employees will be able to focus more clearly in a cool and inviting workspace, therefore be more productive.
  • Increase profits – improved concentration and productivity levels will affect your business’ profit levels.
  • Protect IT equipment – Most electronic equipment is sensitive to heat. Air conditioning is essential to keep your equipment performing at maximum efficiency in addition to avoiding damage and replacement costs.

So, is it worth installing air conditioning in your UK property?

In short, yes, air conditioning is worth investing in if you live in the UK. Air conditioning in the summer can be just as important as heating in the winter when it comes to health and well-being. Not only does air conditioning feature a range of health benefits but can also be beneficial to protect the interior of the property as well as the equipment inside it. This alone can save you money on damage and replacement costs, whether you own a residential or commercial property.

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