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Keep everyone cool and comfortable on St Patrick’s Day

On March 17, every year, Ireland celebrates one of its most iconic patron saints, St Patrick.

And although St Patrick’s Day is not a national holiday in England, this does not stop cities up and down the UK, marking this lively Irish celebration with a whole host of special events and activities.

With plenty of Irish dancing, Guinness drinking and live music to enjoy, it’s important that bars, restaurants and public houses ensure that their establishment is cool, comfortable and inviting.

Thousands of people celebrate St Patrick’s Day in their own unique way, up and down the country. However, with crowds of people dancing, socialising and drinking in often confined spaces, temperature control and ventilation can sometimes be an issue! And of course, no one likes a hot and sticky bar when they’re trying to have fun, right?

But there is a way to keep everyone cool and comfortable

Installing an AC unit will ensure that your customers enjoy a cool, comfortable, and pleasant day of celebrations. A well-ventilated space should also encourage your customers to keep coming through your door!

Perfect for both commercial and residential environments, there are a whole host of different air conditioning units available that have been designed to accommodate your specific requirements.

So, to ensure that your customers and staff are able to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, whilst remaining cool and comfortable, it’s definitely worthwhile thinking about investing in an AC unit.

But that’s not all… the summer months are also just on the horizon, meaning now is the perfect time to start thinking about ways you can optimise the health and wellbeing of your customers and staff.

During the summer months, when the temperatures soar outside, it’s easy for indoor spaces to become unbearably hot, especially in environments where large groups of people naturally gather.

This not only has a huge impact on footfall, but it can also affect productivity too!

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