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5 Ways To Keep Your Pets Cool This Summer

Despite popular belief, heat waves are not an unfamiliar occurrence in the UK, especially in London where temperatures frequently reach 30 degrees during the summer months. The heat can be tough on your furry friends which is why it is essential that you take steps to keep your pets cool during the summer months. When the temperature rises, it is important that you keep your pets safe as they can succumb to conditions such as heat stroke and heat exhaustion, just like humans.

dog in car with windows open

1. Don’t leave your pets in hot cars

This is an absolute must. You should avoid leaving your pets locked in a hot car at all costs. This is because even if the temperature is 22 degrees outside, it can easily reach 43 degrees inside your car in as little as one hour. If it is absolutely necessary to leave your dog in the car for a few minutes, make sure that you leave the windows wide open.

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Keep your pets inside between 10AM and 4PM

During summer heat waves, the temperature outside is usually at its hottest between 10 AM and 4 PM. So, during this period, you should make a conscious effort to keep your pets indoors and avoid walking them in the midday sun. In addition, the temperature of pavement and asphalt can reach over 50 degrees during the summer months. This can be detrimental to your pets delicate paws and can cause severe burns. An easy way to test if the roads are a suitable temperature for your pets is to test it with your own bare feet.

dog drinking bottled water out on a walk

Make sure your pets have access to cool fresh water

When the sun is shining, it’s super important to stay hydrated and this applies to your pets too. So, make sure that your pets have access to fresh drinking water inside your home and whilst they are out on walks.

small dog keeping cool in garden paddling pool

Use damp towels and paddling pools

If you have access to a garden, you can set up a small paddling pool or garden hose for your pup to splash around in and stay cool. Another great way to keep your pets cool is to provide damp towels in a cool shaded area for them to lay on. This is useful for when it is a particularly hot day.

dog resting head on sofa in living room

Invest in Air Conditioning

Just as air conditioning can keep humans cool and comfortable during the summer months, your furry friends will also thank you for installing air conditioning in your home. Perfect for regulating the temperature and air quality in the spaces that you spend the most time in, an AC unit is safe for pets and will ensure that your pets always have a space where they can retreat too if it is too hot outside. In addition, they can be useful for regulating the temperature of your home when you are away. This will ensure that your pets stay safe and comfortable while you are at work. Read more about our air conditioning solutions >>

We all want our pets to be happy and healthy. Following these steps will make sure that you keep your pets cool and safe during the summer months. For more information, the RSPCA provides further advice on how to safeguard your furry friend on hot days.

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