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The benefits of leasing air conditioning for your business

With the warmer months just around the corner, we’re all looking forward to packing away the winter coats and enjoying sunshine filled days. The sun doesn’t just mean beer gardens and picnics in the park, it’s also the season for hot and stuffy offices. There’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable at work and being agitated by the sticky heat. No one should have to constantly wipe their brow or bring a hand-held fan in from home. The solution is simple – effective air conditioning.

Air conditioning will transform the comfort and temperature of your business environment and instantly improve staff morale. The more comfortable you make a work environment, the more productive staff will be.

Not every business has the means to pay a lump sum for air conditioning. Leasing is a great option, so you can provide the necessary equipment with immediate effect. Your staff will thank you and you will thank yourself for keeping a regulated and healthy temperature in the workplace.

So how will leasing air conditioning be beneficial to your business?

• You don’t have to wait until budgets allow. Get the air equipment you need now to provide a comfortable environment for your team.
• The payments can be structured around your business needs, you could pay monthly or quarterly and save an initial lump sum payment.
• Always be at the forefront of air conditioning technology. Throughout your lease period, you can upgrade your equipment to ensure you always have the best solution.
• Get 100% tax relief rentals payable
• Your existing credit lines can be protected by using the lease as a separate funding facility.

Creating a positive environment for your employees and business will have a domino effect on many other areas too! Air conditioning can actually be the answer to more problems than you think!

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