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London Red Weather Warning July 2022 – How To Stay Safe

The MET Office has issued it’s very first red weather warning in London for extreme heat this week. London is expecting to see record-breaking temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius. The heat is expected to affect travel services so residents are urged to only travel if absolutely necessary. There are also warnings of adverse health affects which is not limited to those most vulnerable to extreme heat. In addition, schools across England are closing at the start of this week while red and amber warnings are active. The MET Office are advising that significant changes to work practices and daily routines are necessary.

How to keep yourself and others safe

To ensure your safety and those around you, we wanted to share some tips on how to keep cool and stay safe during this heatwave.

  • Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water and avoid alcoholic drinks
  • Avoid salty or spicy foods and eat plenty fresh fruit
  • Do not travel unless you absolutely need to
  • Keep your curtains drawn, especially for windows that get direct sunlight
  • Apply sun cream in regular intervals to keep your skin protected
  • Stay out of direct sunlight between 11AM and 3PM when UV rays are at their strongest
  • If appropriate, keep windows closed to avoid hot air coming into your home. Some properties can benefit from keeping opposing windows open to create a draft. Choose the option most suitable to your home.
  • Use fans and air conditioning if available
  • Do not partake in any physically demanding activities to prevent overheating and heat related illnesses
  • If you know anyone that could be vulnerable to extreme heat, check in with them and ensure that they are staying safe and have access to water
  • Keep pets indoors until late evening when temperatures have settled and ensure they have access to fresh water

air conditioning

The red weather warning for London and surrounding areas is something to take seriously. Air conditioning is one of the most effective ways to keep cool. Properties such as apartments and Grade II listed buildings are particularly vulnerable to extreme temperatures during heatwaves. If you are looking to install an AC but have struggled with planning permission, we have the ideal solution. Our water cooled air conditioning units require no external unit or planning permission. The condenser is installed internally, making them ideal for restricted properties. Our team of friendly experts are on standby for any of your air conditioning needs including installation, repairs and maintenance.


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