Looking for a sun-kissed festive break?

Although many people love the dark nights, cosy evenings and frosty mornings in the lead up to Christmas, many people still spend the cold, winter months dreaming of sun shine filled days.

If you’re looking to banish the winter blues this festive season, have you ever considered escaping to the sunshine and spending Christmas on the beach or by the pool?

We’ve created a guide outlining some of our favourite far-flung destinations to escape the festive rush, and cold this Christmas!

Of course, when you’re booking your sun-kissed festive break, make sure your accommodation is fully equipped with a good air conditioning system. The last thing you need is being left with no other option to spend your holiday in a hot, stuffy and humid room, right?


Popular all year round amongst holidaymakers looking for the perfect sunshine filled break, Tenerife is a fantastic destination to escape the cold, as it regularly enjoys temperatures between 20 to 25 degrees during the winter months.


Although it’s a destination on the other side of the world, and involves a journey not for the faint hearted, if you are prepared to endure a 19 hour flight to reach it, Melbourne will allow you to enjoy a holiday of a lifetime in the sunshine.

With plenty of attractions, soaring temperatures, glorious beaches and incredible winelands, from the moment you land, you will be able to spend your days soaking up the sunshine as temperatures generally hover between 24 – 30 degrees over Christmas.


With its stunning 5 star properties, white sandy beaches and crystal blue ocean, Cancun should be your first port of call to enjoy a healthy dose of paradise this Christmas.

Offering plenty to do, including plenty of iconic attractions and landmarks to visit throughout your trip, it’s no surprise that Mexico is considered as one of the world’s most desirable locations.


Known as the Caribbean’s third largest islands, Jamaica enjoys temperatures that regularly reach the upper twenties during the festive season! So if you love the idea of lounging on a white sandy beach, under a palm tree on Christmas day without a care in the world, make sure you head to Jamaica.