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Make sure your colleagues don’t get hot under the collar

Although January is only just coming to an end, it’s hard to avoid the Easter eggs lining supermarket shelves and the bikinis that are creeping into stores. The season of hot and uncomfortable offices will be here before we know it. So what better time is there to make sure your office’s air conditioning is prepared to deal with the rising temperatures?
Here are a list of reasons why you should seriously consider making ACS air conditioning a priority in your budget for 2017…

A stuffy office prevents productivity

We don’t want staff to be dreaming of tropical beaches and cocktails, we want their mind on the job. If the office is too warm, staff will easily become drowsy, concentration levels will drop and you won’t have a very productive team. Having air conditioning to keep the office well ventilated and the staff cool will boost focus and productivity, and reduces dreaming of Spain and sunny shores.

Promote a healthy team 

A stuffy, busy room is a common cause of headaches and nausea, and can also mean the air around your team becomes a breeding ground for germs. Air conditioning will reduce the number of bacteria in the office and purify the air. Your team can then enjoy a clean working environment and sickness levels will be kept at a minimum.

Keep the office safe

Technology is vital in the office space, and all of this technology can dangerously overheat when used constantly throughout the day in such an enclosed, busy space. Installing an air conditioning system can ensure your electrical equipment can be kept at a safe temperature. It can also cost a fortune to replace technology, so not only are you keeping a safe environment, you’re also preventing unnecessary costs.

Stop tempers from rising

A stuffy office can mean grouchy, irritable staff. An office fully kitted with air conditioning can mean the difference between a snappy, argumentative group of people and a calm and collected team. The right work environment promotes a happy work force, ready to work together without tempers flaring.

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