Need air conditioning in your property for Summer 2020? Get in touch with ACS

This year, the whole of the UK and particularly Scotland, have experienced warmer than average temperatures throughout the winter months. In fact, it was only at Christmas when a new maximum temperature for December was recorded in the Scottish Highlands.

Data released showed that temperatures reached an astounding 18.7C in Achfary, in the highlands Scotland, on the 28th December. But are these unseasonably warm temperatures set to stay?

Experts have predicted that these unseasonably warm temperatures are set to stay as we make our way into spring! But that’s not all, they are already predicting that due to our remarkably warm winter, this summer is set to be one of the hottest yet.

With this in mind, the UK tourist industry is already getting ready for a busy Spring and Summer, as more Brits than ever before are set to holiday at home rather than jetting off to sunnier shores!

This has paved the way for an influx of property owners already looking at high performance air conditioning systems to keep their homes, hotels and B&Bs cool, comfortable and inviting all year round.

After all, temperatures in London frequently hit 30 degrees or more during the summer, making it difficult to work, sleep or even relax in buildings with no air conditioning.

And if you are looking for AC units suitable for your property, you have certainly landed in the right place. We install a great range of air conditioning units that are perfect for a wide range of buildings.

From wall mounted and ducted air conditioning, air con for apartments and flats and water cooled internal condenser AC systems for buildings with restrictions  through to ceiling cassette units, and affordable air conditioning maintenance, we are dedicated to finding you the best AC solution for your residential or commercial building.

So what are you waiting for? You might be digging out those sandals and sunglasses sooner than you think – make sure your home is ready too!