wall mounted air conditioning

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One of the main advantages of wall-mounted air conditioning solutions is that they are perfect for use in a wide range of rooms, buildings and locations.

Ideal for keeping kitchens, bedrooms, offices and even server rooms cool, comfortable and inviting all year round, this type of unit also lends itself to all commercial and residential requirements.

After all… hot and stuffy working and living spaces can have a huge impact on our mood, productivity, health and general wellbeing. A number of customers also contact us because they specifically want a wall mounted air conditioning with no external unit (water cooled internal condenser AC system).

Here’s a list of the benefits that come hand in hand with wall-mounted air conditioning units:

Perfect for small, enclosed spaces

Ideal for smaller areas such as bedrooms, living rooms, home cinemas, offices, server rooms and small shops, this type of air conditioning solution can be used for residential properties, as well as commercial buildings.

Available in a wide range of styles, sizes and colours

This type of AC unit is available in a wide range of different of sizes, styles and colours, meaning you can pick a unit that will complement and enhance your existing décor.

Can be installed high or low on the wall

Depending on available space, wall mounted air conditioners can be installed low or high on the wall, meaning they are highly versatile and can be installed to meet your individual needs and the space you are working with.

Good value for money

Wall mounted air conditioning systems are extremely good value for money, making them a cost effective solution for commercial premises and hotels.

Here at ACS Installations, we have been providing high performance residential and commercial air conditioning solutions in London and Surrey for more than 30 years.

Armed with extensive installation experience, we can help you to find the perfect air conditioning solutions for your bespoke requirements, both water cooled air conditioning and traditional AC installations. For more information contact ACS today >>>