What is a Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Unit?

Do you need a Water Cooled Internal Condenser? (Air conditioning with no external unit)

It’s already been a long, hot summer and we are only in July! And, with experts predicting that the record temperatures are set to continue, it looks like we can expect to enjoy more sunshine filled days and warm weather over the coming months.

However, the warmer weather has meant that many homeowners have been forced to invest in AC solutions in a bid to stay cool, as temperatures in the city have reached more than 30 degrees!

And if you have been told that you cannot have air conditioning with an outside condenser due to restrictions on your property, there is a solution! Water cooled internal condenser units are perfect for accommodating the demands of apartments, listed buildings and properties with limited space, as this type of AC unit requires no planning permission or an outside condenser box.

Here’s a look at the types of buildings that a water cooled internal condenser can be used for…

Air Conditioning for Apartments

When the temperature rises, it can become almost impossible to work, sleep or even relax.

And, due to the fact that apartments and flats are built in many different shapes and sizes, it means that homeowners are often restricted on the type of air conditioning unit they can get installed.

This is why water cooled internal condenser units are a great option, as this type of unit does not require an outside unit and is ideal is you have limited space, which is often the case for homeowners living in London.

Air Conditioning Installation for Listed Buildings

Due to the fact that guidelines in city centres, conservation areas and Grade II listed buildings prohibit traditional external condensing units and the drilling of any holes in the external walls of the building, it can be difficult to find AC solutions for these types of buildings.

However, a water cooled internal condenser unit can be contained within the room, and plumbed into your water supply, meaning there is no need for an outside condenser box or external vents.

Installing Air Conditioning in Loft Conversions

Loft conversions are becoming increasingly popular in London, especially when it comes to creating extra space.

And if you are looking for an efficient and effective way to keep this new space cool and comfortable, a water cooled condenser unit offers the ideal solution, due to the fact it uses integrated cooling technology that can be concealed out of sight.