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Water-Cooled Internal Air Conditioning Condenser – Primrose Hill, London

Our expert installation team recently installed multiple wall mounted water-cooled internal air conditioning condenser units in Primrose Hill, London. We were initially approached by a customer, looking to install air conditioning in an office space to regulate temperatures. Our customer needed an air conditioning system without an external unit attached to the outside of a building. Building limitations in and around London can often restrict the type of air conditioning that can be installed. Traditional air conditioning units often require planning permissions which can quickly turn into a lengthy process. After an initial chat, we agreed that our water-cooled internal air conditioning units are the best solution for this office space in London.

What Water-cooled air conditioning system did we install?

LG internal, mini-VRF water-cooled internal condensers (no external unit required)

We installed six wall mounted air conditioning units to regulate office space temperature.

  • Perfect solution for buildings with restrictions
  • No planning permission required
  • Convenient Wi-Fi control
  • Low noise output
  • The internal condenser hidden

Water-cooled systems certainly offer a great range of benefits and installation flexibility. For convenience, the installation team hide the internal condensers in a concealed space within the building. As a result, you don’t have to compromise on the visual appearance of your commercial or residential space. In addition, the units function with very little noise disruption. Above all, you do not need planning permissions to install this type of unit. Consequently, overcoming an obstacle faced by many London property owners. In short, water-cooled internal units offer the perfect air conditioning solution for many types of commercial and residential spaces.

If you’d like more information about our water cooled air conditioning systems for residential or commercial purposes, get in touch us today!

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