Air Conditioning Maintenance

Plan ahead: maintain your air conditioning before the summer

The last thing you want is to find your air conditioning doesn’t work at the beginning of summer. After the chilly winter months and crisp days of spring, the warm sun is a welcomed change, but if your air conditioning has been sitting idle for months, you might be caught out and struggle to find a comfortable temperature. Maintaining your air conditioning goes a long way, and it’s always best to be prepared and avoid unplanned breakdowns, failures, and even costly replacements.

If you wait until summer arrives and find your air conditioning needs maintenance, you could wait days for a professional to come out, so be prepared and take care of your air conditioner in advance.

There are steps you can take to keep your air conditioning clean and maintained such as cleaning the filters, ensuring the area surrounding the unit is clean and free from debris, and learning the signs that your air conditioning unit needs servicing.

However, when it comes to maintenance work and servicing, you should always use a licensed professional to retain your investment and get the most out of your air conditioning.

Why should I have a maintenance programme for my air conditioning?

An air conditioning specialist will carry out vigorous and effective preventative maintenance that will:

• Keep your equipment efficient and clean
• Rectify any potential problems before they escalate to failure or breakdowns
• Ensure you’re compliant with UK law
• Get the maximum life out of the equipment and ensure warranties stay intact
• Reduce electricity bills by minimizing power consumption

If you have air conditioning at home or in your work place and want to ensure you’re prepared for the summer months, here at ACS. we offer several maintenance options bespoke to your requirements.

Get in touch today and don’t get caught hot! Read more about our air conditioning maintenance services.