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Plan Ahead Of The Summer – AC Installation & Maintenance By ACS

Planning ahead for the summer in regards to your air conditioning is vital to ensure you’re not caught out with a failed system that has been sitting idle and on stand-by for months. It might be cold now, even freezing, but once the sun starts to make an appearance and you rekindle the relationship with your air conditioning, you’ll be wishing you’d planned ahead.

Despite the plummeting temperatures in recent weeks and the coldest night of winter so far recorded in England, reaching lows of minus 11.7C, we have seen a record increase in customers planning ahead and contacting us to install their air conditioning.

This preparation is key to ensure you have a cool and comfortable summer. Whether you already have an air conditioning unit or want to have one installed, planning ahead will make sure you’re not disappointed and sweating when we welcome the long awaited sun and high temperatures.

Why should I maintain or install my air conditioning ahead of the summer?

• A licensed professional will likely be very busy during the summer months and you could wait days for them to come out.
• Maintenance will keep your equipment clean and working efficiently.
• Ensure your air conditioning is compliant with UK law.
• Identify and rectify potential issues that could result in breakdowns in the summer.
• Make sure warranties are intact and increasing the longevity of your air conditioning.

If you need to maintain your air conditioning or install a new system in time for the summer, get in touch today! Here at ACS, we provide a range of commercial and residential air conditioning systems and offer bespoke maintenance options to suit your needs.

Don’t get caught out in a sickly hot room when you can be prepared and armed with one of our state of the art systems! Contact us today.

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